FEEDBACK: WWE Raw After WrestleMania 4/4/22

What did you think of Raw After Mania?

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Eric from Barrie.

I primarily follow the weekly WWE shows through your content and decided to give tonight a shot since its the Raw after WrestleMania. Tonight didn’t sell me on returning next week.

Cody being raised out of a box on the stage so he could desend down a ramp on the ramp should set the tone for me on this episode that it wasnt going to be a good time.

The 2 men’s tag matches were fun, but I found the Tornado Tag difficult to get into because ibwas checked out after all the commercials and talking segments. I also forgot about the Ziggler/Brekker match after typing this up. A good forgettable match.

Thank you guys for your continued work making the weekly WWE product entertaining.

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Just some thoughts on the entire week. Came back to wrestling after almost 2 years and following your coverage has been amazing. You two are the best to do it. Hope you both take some well earned time off.

Except few minor misses, both nights of WrestleMania were ridiculously good. Raw tonight was totally missable except for Cody. Also this version Roman is awesome.

First Raw I tried to watch in over two years and I fell asleep after KO and woke up briefly around Bianca Bel Air and then fall back asleep until Roman Reigns.

Cody is really good at finding authentic ways to diffuse his stories, but I find him to be a little inauthentic.

I hope KO doesn’t get stuck in a long program with everyone’s favorite Stag & Doe / Wedding DJ, Elias, now Eric, Enrique, or Ezequiel.

I’m content to not continue regular watching since the WWE’s idea of the main event angle was to tell me to watch on Friday… In typical WWE fashion, they’ve tied their titles up in a knot that is going to be too difficult to untie in a believable or interesting way.

The Cody in the Box was a really funny shot to start the show.

His head was poked out before he started to be elevated… I lol’d.

Brandon from Oshawa

Leave it to WWE to come off of a strong weekend, with a lame, boring show like this. The Wrestlemania night 1 main eventer in a comedy segment. A contenders match where the team loses, but still receives a title shot anyways, just because they asked for one. More rematches as usual. A terrible, annoying crowd.

We’re back to the same old shit after 2 days of fun.

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I suspect this show will do a big number coming off a buzzed-about WrestleMania but I feel like it feel short of creating something that will capitalize on that interest. It wasn’t terrible but it exposed some of the weaknesses of the product, in particular the tendency to repeat themselves.

Cody’s promo is likely to be the most discussed thing from the show. For me, it came off a little contrived, not because I doubted what he was saying but because I’ve heard him do almost the same promo before in exactly the same style. For anyone who isn’t very familiar with him, though, I think it would be powerful. He is certainly the person with the most momentum in the company right now.

I was legitimately surprised at the cold reaction to Veer. I thought that the months of buildup would give him a Hook-like mystique that would trigger a pop for no reason other than that he finally appeared. Nope.

Jay from Colorado

Codys ramp was super awkward. From his head poking out at the beginning to the tiny ramp. This is worse than Alister Black’s creaky vampire lift thing.