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Luk from Quebec!

I haven’t watched RAW in a long time, I usually just listen to your reviews. They did get me to tune in for the end of the show with the Big E news, just to see what would happen. I’m really happy for Big E, he looks like a genuinely good human being and it’s nice to see a long time midcarder be elevated to the main title, which so rarely happens. Unfortunately, I can’t say this felt very organic, there was no long build, no story, just a tweet and then a title win. I hate to say but it felt very forced and reactionary, I think Big E deserved a better path to the title but this was still a nice moment. Not very hopeful about the future handling of this title reign. My only question now is when will it be Xavier’s time?


Pencil me on as a non believer. Didn’t think they’d actually do it but glad they did. The streak of weeks delivering as advertised: 1

I tried to watch Raw if only to see how long I could last. I bailed during Charlotte/Shayna at the Tv break.

Came back to Jeff Hardy and Damien Priest. I’ll agree with you John that Priest seems likely to get a good push. I don’t see it but I did notice they let him have a full first and last name. Bailed 2 minutes into whatever I saw.

With the timing of the Big E podcast and now his championship win, do you think the timing is coincidence? I love Big E being authentic, I just hope WWE doesn’t view mental health as a new tool to get somebody over. Big E deserves all the adulation and has been a joy to watch for years. Couldn’t be happier for him as a character and a person. But hope WWE doesn’t think exposing mental health is a babyface tactic as they’ve thought substance abuse is a good heel tactic.

Ok, it’s not quite Kofimania levels of emotion but damn did it feel good to see Big E with that belt. Now it’s time to make good and right what they did wrong with Kofi: give us a strong baby face champ who has entertaining feuds and gets people excited to see him. Let E be E and the show will improve from that alone. (Tonight’s show is proof of that: aside from the usual dinner theatre-level promo work, many of the matches were sloppy. But no one is going to think about that too much because Big E won and that’s what matters.)

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Going into tonight, I had feared that WWE was gonna dangle the carrot of Big E becoming world champion all night only to take it away. I was proven wrong. Bobby Lashley did a fine job as the champion but Raw desperately needed some kind of change. I’m not saying Big E winning the big one will fix the myriad of issues this show has…but it’s a start.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer dude. What a feel good ending.

I almost believed they wouldn’t deliver. I was glad to eat some crow.

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