FEEDBACK: WWE Royal Rumble 2020

What did you think of Royal Rumble 2020?

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Jeremy in Texas,

People complain they give Brock Lesnar a lot, and they do, but he was tremendous for the first half of the Rumble. The spot taking the finishers from Kofi, Rey and Big E was awesome, the moment with Shelton Benjamin was well done and even him dancing to MVP’s entrance music was subtle but entertaining. It is a catchy tune.

Everything paid off when Brock took the claymore from Drew to foreshadow their title match at Wrestlemania. Great men’s rumble.

Does the end of the Rumble show how poor the depth on Smackdown is? You had all Raw guys, Edge and Roman. Can’t be good.

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Thought it was an overall good but not great show. The Becky vs. Asuka match and the men’s Rumble saved it.

Thought Brock’s run in the Rumble was great. Enjoyed him going through two former IWGP Intercontinental champions in a row. However, I don’t think sacrificing Kofi and someone they have been pushing like Rowan was a good idea.

The Rumble coming down to Drew and Roman was a great idea as it helped to tease another Rumble win for Roman that might have received a cold response.

Brandon from Oshawa

Really enjoyed the show. The only down spot for me was the SmackDown women’s title match. The women’s Rumble was well booked and felt like a very traditional Rumble and was much better than last year’s.

Fiend and Bryan was excellent and was the best Fiend match so far. The men’s Rumble was an all time favorite for me. With the exception of Morrison being tossed early and Matt Riddles quick elimination, it waspretty close to perfect.

Have you guys heard any news on the supposed Brock/Riddle altercation?

Sean from Toronto

WWE took a huge risk making the first half of the Rumble so one-sided, but it ultimately accomplished its job of setting up Brock vs Drew. Of the two, I thought the women’s rumble had more surprises, though I’m not sure if Charlotte eliminating Shayna was the right way to go.

The rest of the card was pretty lacklustre, but at least they got rid of that stupid red light for the Fiend.

Sam from Tennessee

This was a really good show overall which peaked at the end for me.

The women’s rumble was building pretty well until Bianca got eliminated, which the crowd did not respond well to. I also felt like Charlotte was a bad choice over a fresher face like Baszler, but not a bad rumble at all.

Daniel Bryan asserted his status as the GOAT once again by putting on a phenomenal match with the Fiend. I completely bit on the LeBell Lock with the strap, but Wyatt again got to look dominant at the end. Perfectly fine with that if it means putting over someone big at Mania.

The men’s rumble was one of the best they have ever put on. I know some people will be critical of Brock’s dominance in the first half, but it built to a great crescendo and made Drew’s elimination of him all the more impressive. I also like how they gave Ricochet some shine by delivering the low blow to Brock as payback for Monday.

After that, the match continued to build and I was going nuts rooting for Edge or Drew to take it all. I’m now extremely hyped for Brock/Drew at Mania. On a personal note, Edge is one of my all-time favorite wrestlers and I ran around the house screaming when his music hit. He was sorely missed. Hopefully, he sticks around for a while if he is medically able to.

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JD from RLS

Mixed bag show. On the positive side, I really like the return of using the rumble to make new stars and having Drew eliminate Brock and win was a massive positive step, assuming he now wins the title. Bianca Belair came out of tonight huge aswell and put her forward as a major star going forward.

On the negative side, a lot of the interim matches were average; Asuka/Becky never hit top gear and I just cannot get into this fiend stuff, regardless of how good Bryan is. Also hated how long the Lesnar stuff went on for; it just didn’t feel like a rumble. And the Santina stuff…its 2020. Let’s just leave transphobic garbage in the past.

Brian from New York

When it comes to the Rumble event, give me two good Rumbles, a couple of surprises, and a good match or two outside of those and I’m good.

As far as I’m concerned, this fit the bill more than most years. They built two unique matches between the Men and Women, threw us a couple of curveballs, and gave us at least one new big babyface heading into Mania for a fresh match with Lesnar. We got a solid Becky-Asuka match. And my goodness, Daniel Bryan has dragged Bray Wyatt to another of his 2-3 best matches in his career.

I know some people are a bit upset about the Women’s winner, but Smackdown is pretty starved for Mania contenders and Charlotte can drag up Bayley, while Shayna could easily win at Elimination Chamber and get right back in the same place we assumed she’d be in after tonight on Raw. So ultimately the ending didn’t bother me.

Oh…and EDGE IS BACK! With 3 potentially fun feuds that potentially exist with him for Mania between Wyatt, Reigns, or Bryan, I’m really hoping he ends up on Smackdown. Very cool to have him back, even if it might be some time before I stop cringing every time he gets hit.

Thumbs up show.

Jesse in Taipei

No better way to start your week than with a Royal Rumble on a Monday morning, right fellas?
恭喜发财, Wai! (I don’t know the character for your name, sorry, but happy Lunar New Year.)

Unfortunately, this show pissed me off. Rumble matches allow you to tell multiple stories but Vince decided on narrow and uninspired ones. I debated this with MJ; he enjoyed the show and the men’s Rumble specifically. I’m more in line with Brian Mann’s thinking that Brock didn’t need this. I get how Brock’s dominance was a spectacle, but I thought you could have got Drew over by eliminating Brock before he buried all those guys. Elias, Rowan, MVP? Fine. But sacrificing a returning Morrison, the IC Champ, Big E, and Kofi? (Still hopeful for that redemption story Wai?) Ricochet also looked like a dweeb. To their credit, I’m glad they went all the way and had McIntyre win instead of Reigns. They should have done the same with Shayna, but she was at least booked strong.

Where was Sasha? Did they announce ahead of time she wouldn’t be there?

In the end, maybe I should be more like MJ and learn to enjoy the spectacle and live in the moment. But all I can do is envision a 'Mania with Reigns vs. The Fiend and cringe. (Please let that match be quick.) But hey, if they actually book Rated-RKO vs Rollins & Murphy and gave it time and focus? That would excite even my dead soul.

Take Care

Thought the royal rumble match itself was really fun to watch. Lesnar was awesome! Really great booking. Women’s royal rumble wasn’t so good. Kelly Kelly? Really? Charlotte flair winning is garbage. Yawn. Rest of the show was mediocre at best.

Chris from Melbourne with some rare feedback, after resubscribing to the WWE Network for the first time since AEW Plus launched back in October.

It seems with a lengthy break from WWE, I have become less desensitised to all the marketing speak. Every unnatural “BIG DOG” and “IS IT? COULD IT BE?” stood out like a sore thumb, and before the show was over I knew I’d be happy to skip everything else between now and Mania.

Shout out to Davie’s Royal Rumble game on the BTE, which really made the Brock half of the men’s Rumble even more fun, as I had the records for most consecutive and total eliminations in the back of my head the whole time.

Best part? Edge. My number one all time favourite, perhaps getting the chance to go out on his own terms. Maybe there’s a match to come? Maybe this is it. Either way, he looked fantastic and I hope he enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed watching his return.

Worst part was keeping track of Beth’s crimson helmet and wincing every time she took a big bump. You could tell within minutes that she was set for the final 4, otherwise I have no doubt she’d have been taken out of the match earlier. I hope she’s okay.

Even with MVP literally on the show, the Copeland Family were the true MVPs of the night.

Now time to check out some Table For Threes before I unsubscribe again…

For me this was just the Mens Rumble. I wasnt sure about the Brock performance but as it progressed - I loved it. His dancing and grabbing the title was brilliant.

Then it progressed as a match and the Edge pop was brilliant

The rest of the show was poor. How can they get the Womens result so wrong. It wrote itself with a Shayna win

This was the first full WWE PPV I’ve watched in a while and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I thought the women’s rumble this year was the best out of the three they’ve had. Bianca Belair was a standout in my opinion. The strap match was the best Fiend match since the character’s debut, it helped that there was no red lighting. The men’s rumble was very interesting to me, I was surprised by how far they went with Lesnar, but in the end I was happy when McIntyre eliminating him and going on to win the rumble. Also, Edge’s return was a great moment. Happy to see him back even if it is just for a match or two. Love the show, thanks!

Luk from Quebec

This was a long, boring, and very frustrating show to watch. I found the Women’s Rumble quite sloppy, most NXT talent were treated as midcard filler even though they have all the good workers, and Charlotte being the winner doesn’t help make new stars. The Brock experiment was mildly intriguing, but 6-7 midcarders would have been enough instead of half the roster. How STUPID do Keith Lee and Strowman look fighting among themselves before taking out Brock, only to get eliminated seconds later? If Drew was to win and go to Mania anyway, why not give the Brock elimination to someone like a Keith Lee? Kofi, Cesaro, Riddle, Lee, Aleister, just so many talented wrestlers completely wasted tonight. I’d be very curious to see how NXT would book a Rumble type match, but I’m almost certain each entrant would be treated as a major star and get to do something cool before elimination. Is that too much to ask? At least Worlds Collide was amazing.

This show gets 3 Santina Marella in 2020 out of 10.

Joey from Queens,

This show was the tale of two, well, shows, the first have was a boring as sin with the women’s rumble and the smack down championship making me wonder if watching the download bar on the Marvel Spider-Man game I decided to redownload would offer more entertainment.

However once the Feind Bryan match started the show really picked up with that and the succeeding raw women’s title match really making the show a worthy watch for me. My only complaint after the half way point was Brock in the first half of the rumble. Call it controversial but watching Brock toss around a parade of geeks really isn’t what I want out of my Royal Rumble.

Overall Grade: 6 out of 10

Do you know who the guy in the front row is in the lime green shirt and the goatee? He is at every big four ppv and wears the same damn shirt and goofy look. I bet we see him at raw tomorrow. Is he a plant or just the luckiest ticket buyer?

Andrew from Saint John

I really liked the first three quarters of the Women’s rumble till the end, Bianca was great and so were Fire and Desire. Loved to see Candice, Toni Storm, Mercedes Martinez and Shotzi. The Santina spot was awful and took me right out of it. Inappropriate, transphobic and dumb, how can we not get away from this shit? Took the wind out of Shayna’s sails completely, though Charlotte knocking her out didn’t help. The storyline of the men’s rumble was well built for Brock, but I don’t know that it served the other men in the match. I come out of this without a lot of investment in the Rumble match winners’ journeys. 6/10.

I only caught the men’s rumble match. Edge coming back was amazing. It was a bold choice going for a generic crowd shot instead of showing his spear.

The Brock stuff was excellent. Face Drew McIntyre is going places. I’m all in for him and Brock at mania. I’m ready to be hurt again.

First WWE PPV I’ve watched in a long time and keep up on the product with your reviews but was interested in this event based on NXT’s possible influence. Call me crazy but hasn’t Drew been a babyface for all of 3 weeks? All of a sudden this guy has some great backstory that we have to care about now? Why couldn’t they have built this up for 6 months and showing how bad he needed this win for his career? I’m not a WWE fan but I want them to do good…I know better and expect Drew to no longer be at the top of the card in 6 months. No chance. Nobody is going to just gravitate to this guy all of a sudden…at least I can’t see it happening. I like him and was happy to see him win but the way they present guys is just terrible

Seth shows up at #30 with his new heel stable and gets tossed like a loser and isn’t even part of the final 4?!

This shit just blows my mind and my quote of the night was from Booker T after Edge tossed out Randy, “Randy’s mad because he should’ve known better.” You know what Booker, you can substitute my name (Marc) in for Randy‘s because I expected a lot better from this match based on the roster they have at their fingertips. Keith Lee has a good minute but man, Riddle getting tossed like he was Hawkins is bullshit.

I gave a 7 but feel it was based off both Rumble matches, nothing else interested me

Adam from Australia

I was ecstatic to see Edge. I knew it was coming because of the rumours but it made me so happy. I liked both rumbles though Charlotte winning made me annoyed as it’s just another Charlotte title match with her cutting the same promos finished with a woooo once again when we could have something fresh like Shayna. But otherwise it was great.

The singles matches were boring

But the men’s Rumble was great. It was laid out really well for the first half with Brock throwing everyone out and then Drew eliminating him. It differentiated it from the women’s rumble and all the other rumbles. Seeing edge return and Drew win made me excited for the build to wrestlemania.

A 7/10

Best Rumble in a long times.