FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 1/17/20

It’s me again solo tonight, send in your feedback and questions in the thread below.


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Andrew from Cape Breton

So Smackdown was ok. It’s not as if the show was bad or anything, but it was just there. I noticed you put the thread up early, and probably because it’s just easier for people to put feedback quickly because it’s not as if anybody is going to miss anything important. The main highlight of the show was seeing Adam Pearce get a speaking role on TV. I’m not opposed to having authority figures on the show, just authority figure angles. William Regal has been perfect in his role in the past number of years, and the Scrap Daddy would be perfect. Maybe he could bring in Sonjay Dutt and Pat Buck and call themselves “Officials 3”. 5 out of 10 show.


I’m not too proud to admit it: the Mandy/Otis/Sonya melodrama is the best part of this show. It’s just salacious enough to avoid being cringeworthy. The resulting match was predictable but well-executed.

Who’s the bald guy suddenly booking the women’s matches? I’ve never seen this man in my life but I suppose he’s the new GM. Despite this lack of clarity, Sasha continues to be a standout personality.

Roman can choose any stipulation he wants and he goes with a falls count anywhere match. Why is Corbin so pissed about this?

Maybe it’s the Buckley’s but this was decent. 7/10

Nick from Lansing

If you were asking me how an episode of Smackdown in 2020 should start, I imagine everyone would answer with “it’s gotta be Kane!” Seriously though, I think I understand what they were trying to accomplish with Kane, Bray and Bryan but it felt like we rushed through a few weeks worth of story in one segment

Morrison and Big E had a fun match, definitely a good reintroduction for people who weren’t following his career and matches in Lucha Underground or Impact the last couple years

I think it’s fair to say that the current Mandy and Otis storyline is the most interesting and compelling thing Smackdown has. Otis has a charisma that’s almost hard to explain but you can feel the audience perk up when he’s involved, and I’m starting to see how he’s being used to add dissension between Mandy and Soyna. I hope they can keep building momentum, because Smackdown needs a major angle to draw people in