FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 1/19/24

Leave feedback here for SD tonight. RASD with me and Neal in the Café 10pm ET.

Mannie from Pacoima

Holy jabanero peppers! First John does a spot on impression of Neal Flanagan and now hes cosplaying as him on this january 19th edition of rewind- a-smackdown? Theater!!!

Once again pretty deadly have shown why they are the personification dashing, by miraculously giving butch the bruiserweight his old name back. Yes boy!!!
Alexander vs Ospreay 2 was a great match.
Vikingo has extended his contract with AAA and will continue his roman reigns title reign of not defending in AAA because they forget they have titles. Classic AAA

Question for Mr. Neal
Yes, hello.
Why does the mh is Samhain make the W sound, but the mh in caoimhe makes the V sound?
Thank you for answering, and as neal says “I will make like a Niamh and leave”

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I am going to miss BITCH! (Butch)

Too late to make the pod but sharing that I attended tonight. Crowd was huge… Have been to a dozen RAW or Smackdown at same arena since 07 and never seen to full. Cody v Shin and Finn v Jay Uso after in house show style matches. Cody worked the crowd after for 15+ min giving out stuff with almost no one leaving. Advice for WWE is enough with the loud booms noises. Good grief that freak everyone out every time.