FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 1/26

John Pollock & Neal Flanagan are live with Rewind-A-SmackDown tonight

10:05 p.m. ET: (Link)

Mannie from Pacoima

So elektra is with santos once again. Given the interaction she had with wilde and del toro on nxt a few weeks ago I assumed once she split from Lola, that she would turn face and join the lwo so that zelina could reunite with a maybe returning Andrade.
LDF is aura personified!!! I feel so much pride when I see those three aztec warriors together!!

Mox and Gringo loco had a fantastic lucha death match at last night’s revolver show! Vampiro’s farewell tour kicks off in AAA as well as the return of the king of kings and queen of queens tournaments. Also a cool huge spoiler from rampage!! Cmll stars are coming to aew, including mascara dorada!!!

I can’t think of a better way to end this january 26th edition of rewind a smackdown than with a live performance by Funk master Neal and the Saoirse inertias!! So john bring out the disco ball and hit it Neal!!! Yes boyyyy!!! On and on on and on! We go on and on, on and on. Cause the night is young!

Nas from NYC

John, just wanted to commend you on the excellent coverage of this incredibly difficult subject.

On a lighter note and since he’s on, please let Neal know I’m hot on his heels in the Post Wrestling Fantasy Premier League and will be overtaking him soon. Thanks.

Cody From Maine

A big thanks to Post for the coverage over the past few days. After seeing the screenshots of a few texts, I was grossed out enough that I avoided reading the full 60+ page file and you guys were there to fill in the gaps.

The stories of Vince were out there for years, but hopefully this one serves as the smoking gun with the amount of detail provided. And I hope he can’t slither his way out of this.

Unfortunately, it’s cast a pretty black cloud over the Rumble tomorrow, at least for me. No wrestling company will serve as the beacon of morality. But to have that level of rot, from the very top of the corporate ladder, being exposed? It’s tough to overlook. Especially with the thought that not everyone who knew, has left the company. It just doesn’t sit right to watch the event.

The event will still be a massive success and that’s fine. I won’t shame anyone for still being excited for it, it should be a great show. But my consumption will be limited to Post’s review.

Alexander from Portland

Didn’t watch SmackDown, just wanted your thoughts of TNA this week. I really enjoyed the show, but I gotta say I think hearing DANGER ZONE over and over is dorky. Thanks.