FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown (1/31/20)

What did you think of WWE SmackDown? Leave your feedback and questions below.

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Nice match between Shinsuke and Strowman and I was happy to see Braun get his belt. Yet somehow Cesaro emerges as the biggest loser of them all. Elias beat him down so quickly he had more than enough time to finish his song.

What’s the point of re-introducing Sheamus by beating down Shorty G when it’s already been established that Gable is just a runt loser? They’ve made Shorty into such a nerd that even his opponents look weak in beating him.

Bayley sounded pretty good on the mic but what has Naoimi done to get the title shot? Bayley’s never beaten me either so I suppose I’m deserving of a shot at the belt.

On the plus side, despite their stock falling precipitously over the last 24 hours, they clearly didn’t skimp on the dog food budget. 4/10

SmackDown is coming to Vancouver on Valentines Day which we are attending (can’t wait for the Otis angle). During tonight’s episode there were two different promos about the matches. One was the fiend vs. Daniel Bryan, and Roman vs. Corbin in a loser eats dog food match and later there was one for The Usos and Roman vs. Corbin, Rude and Dolph, loser eats dog food match and the fiend vs. Daniel Bryan. These are terrible. Have you heard anything different?

Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight made me ask a very important question. What am I feeding my dog? If the commentary were to be believed, I’m feeding him poison. The whole main event reminded me of Michael Cole’s infamous “dog poop” call from 1999. The show was weird tonight. The highlight was the potential push of Naomi, who seemed to get really over with her Rumble appearance. I hope you guys had a super day. I hear it’s like a regular day, but the difference is you have to try and make up for all the money you lost the day prior. 5 short vermin out of 10.

Nick from Lansing

An overall fine episode of Smackdown for me. There were a couple stories progressing, but Naomi challenging Baylee was the only thing to really grab me tonight. I hope they take advantage because I saw nothing but love for Naomi over the weekend and since her first run with the GLOW belt, I wanted to see the company get behind her

This dog food match needs to be the ending for the Kings Court and Bloodline feud. There isn’t anywhere else to go so let’s move Roman and Corbin on to new programs

I can’t believe Daniel Bryan cut such an impassioned and honest promos after the Royal Rumble and it was delegated to Youtube. Now I personally have to give it up for Corey Graves for trying his best to talk about Bryan in as serious way, but roared with laughter when midsentance he had to transition into drooling over Alexa Bliss

Where do you see the Otis/Mandy thing happening? And if they bring cameras and record it, does it count as showing up to work since they scheduled the date for a time they both normally work?

Nate From Tulsa

I was at Smackdown tonight. Crowd was hot for Roman, USOs and Braun. Not sure how long Braun’s celebration was shown but everyone was going crazy while he went around high fived fans. He kept thanking the crowd. Super awesome to see him win his first singles title.

Something of note was Sheamus was limping pretty bad when he was heading back stage.

Sitting through 205 Live, it’s brutal, till the dark match which is The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan for the Universal Title.

Guy from Charlotte, NC

SmackDown was good tonight.
Similar to this week’s RAW in that it was just entertaining enough to keep my attention, with a few good matches.
I’m interested to see how things shape up as we get closer to Mania.
One question: is it possible that Roman actually got more dog food on himself tonight by accident than he did when he was “so heinously attacked” by Corbin a few weeks back?

6 cans of Alpo out of 10.

Will from Toronto

Embarrassed to say one of the few things I’m entertained by on Smackdown these days is this Otis/Mandy storyline. Couldn’t stand looking at the dog food… what would you have to be paid to eat that? I changed the channel.

Also… not sure if anyone else thinks the same as I do but all I could think of was that guy dancing with a pumpkin on his head as Naomi made her way to the ring. Anyone agree?