FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 10/10/19 – Draft Part 1

What did you think of the WWE Draft SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

I thought the opener was cool enough, however the rules were still hazy. Roman was representing SD, but had to be drafted? Did they say Brock and Seth didn’t have to be drafted? Everytime I hear Shorty Gable I want to mute the TV. I thought having spots from Buck and Aikman as well as others made the show feel big, but this show was very underwhelming. If there is anything I want everyone to remember, it’s that Lacey Evans was drafted before Kevin Owens. RIP Bayley buddies.

Love the transformation of The Hugger.

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Brandon from Oshawa

Congrats guys. Tonight confirmed someone on WWE creative listens to POST Wrestling, since they stole John’s promo for Cain.

I put faith in WWE that they wouldn’t have a screwy ending to decide the first draft pick. They made me look stupid to the rest of the forum. This show was boring, besides the incredible war room segments. Those were hilarious and got over big in my household. Loved the Bayley stuff as well.

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Chris Thunder from Down Under

Honestly I completely forgot about SmackDown today, and decided to check Twitter to see what I missed.

A tweet saying, and I quote, “Back to Hell we go! :grin:”, unquote with a gif of the fiend attacking Rollins from a hole in the ring.

Maybe WWE Main Roster just isn’t for me anymore.

Thank God for POST to keep me company on an 8-hour road trip to a family wedding tomorrow.


Alexander from Portland

I was thoroughly confused when Drew McIntyre was drafted before Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar. During SmackDown I went online and found out that superstars were put into pools, where certain superstars were eligible to be drafted tonight and other superstars had their chance to get drafted Monday. Thanks for explaining that to me WWE. Also thanks for spoiling the draft results online. On the positive side this is the most I’ve been into Bayley since her days in NXT. Glad she’s a champion again, but did we really need a 10th reign from Charlotte? I wish WWE could book her like they’ve been booking Roman for the past year or so, where a title feud is not necessary but higher-profile angles and stories can happen. It’s done wonders for Reigns lately, I don’t think booking like that could hurt Charlotte.

Question: With the draft comes opportunities for superstars to be refreshed and given new pushes. Are there any on-the-rise superstars that you don’t see having their pushes continue after the draft? It wouldn’t surprise me if Chad Gable lost his push, same with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.


Talk about 5 hours of tv that could have been a press release. This was a one match show, I liked Bayley’s new look, though what they really needed was a camera down in Florida to catch Izzy’s reaction.


Noah from Vaughan

My biggest complaint about this show is about kofi. This man lost the title he worked 11 years for last week, and if you watched this show you wouldn’t have known it. He came out smiling and dancing like a big time geek. In what world does that make sense, that someone would act like that after losing something of importance? Randy was right. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid


So WWE established that tag teams could be picked together unless a network specifically wanted to break them up. Then Raw drafted Alexa and my first thought was wow I guess they are breaking her up from Nikki. Then Raw proceeded to draft Nikki in the very next round! This means they literally wasted a pick. It’s not brain surgery to follow the rules that you set and yet that seems to be a bar WWE still can not clear.


Opening match and angle was decent and I liked the main event and Bayley’s character transformation, it’s been a long time coming.

Everything else was largely boring, especially the draft since anyone with the draft pool that published to hand could quickly work out who was about to be picked.

The most egregious thing on the show was pancake throwing and smiling Kofi Kingston. Dude got embarrassed last week, ending his WWE Championship reign in 8 seconds and he didn’t have a care in the world. No development, no pathos, nothing. Very disappointing follow up.

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Zero explanation (or I missed it) for draft pools for each show.
Kofi holding pancakes one week after being beat for the WWE title.
Another non finish in a match designed to have stakes - though why would either guy have loyalty to a brand if they could be drafted to the other brand.
Complete joke of the “Networks” and war rooms. Why would anybody take this stuff serious? I really hoped Fox would translate to legitimacy and it’s more cringeworthy than ever.

Guys, serious moment for me - I think I’m done with weekly main roster WWE with the exception of when I work late on Mondays. Rather listen to your podcasts and go with less is more sticking to Wednesdays and then New Japan.

Seperately, you know I like my business angles with WWE but they have completely underwhelmed me in terms of capitalizing on the move to Fox. How much do you think the promotion has been worth? $50million? $100mlion? For context, the American football does massive ratings in the US and WWE has been plastered everywhere during Saturday’s and Sunday football. It’s unprescedented advertising for WWE. They’ve been a complete joke for a week after that debut, with the mostly legit stuff happening at a press conference today. Ironically pushing major matches in Saudi Arabia, the same place that resulted in a big drop in subscribers who probably aren’t going to resubscribe to see a Saudi Arabia show.
As an investor. I’m selling on this company going forward. These TV deals have been great but they are priced in to the stock as it hovers around $70 and I have no clue what makes it pop again - they need to capitalize on this new broader platform of Fox and grow Network subscribers. They seem incapable of getting out of their own way. 5 years is going to go quick and the downside being inevitable lower rights fees from these current deals when they demonstrate their inability to grow a fan base. Maybe Vince is just waiting to sell at a high once the XFL launches. Wouldn’t shock me. This company is so well positioned with renewed outside star power wanting to utilize its visibility to stay relevant and all the production capabilities in the world. Compare how they treat Network behind the scenes and doc style shows with their presentation of characters on tv. I can’t help but feel insulted every time I watch their two biggest shows and I don’t think it’s just me.

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Neal from Northern Ireland

I liked all the Bayley stuff — especially her “slaughtering the inflatable people”, as Corey put it. The Lesnar/Velasquez segment was very good. The use of the UFC 121 stills made it feel somewhat legitimate.

That’s where the positivity ends. I hated that Kofi was slotted straight back into his old role as though the title run had never even happened.

The “war room” bits were funny, although I’m not sure they were meant to be. Seeing the Fox execs (and their trusty robot) absolutely losing their f**king minds over not getting Alexa Bliss made me laugh like Brandon from New Jersey on a Hangout call.

How telling was it that the ‘NFL on Fox’ panel chose wrestlers for their number one picks who are all dead or retired?

Later, bitches.

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Jay from Colorado

Wow…I don’t know if it’s the awesome quality of wrestling we have on Wednesday nights now, or what. But I feel like the show is getting worse and worse. How do you fuck up a draft? Having Stephanie announce the picks was probably the most underwhelming thing they could have done. And the views of the “war rooms” were cringy.

As I said last week, I just don’t see anything here that would make a new or returning viewer want to stick around. I don’t know what they need to do to change things, but they should have done it months ago. I am digging the new Bayley though.

With that being said Raw is in Denver next week. I looked today for tickets and there a massive amount of tickets available, and found some floor seats for $35. Still not going.

Pray for Samoa Joe.

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Terry from Colorado.

So Charlotte has been a ten time champ but how many of those reigns have actually been relevant? How many are more than a week long?

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This show was complete trash and seriously one of the worst Smackdowns I’ve ever seen. The whole draft in the war rooms was completely idiotic the opening match was pointless and gave more heat to Seth and bray imo. Also WWE was so stupid and literally posted the whole draft results on their website. Of course smack down gets screwed again. All in all just trash :wastebasket: of a show and makes me appreciate AEW even More. 1/10 show.

One of my posts in June 2018.

I wasn’t too far off.

The reactions in the rooms were completely forced. It was very stupid.

I loved that Kofi was slotted back!

He was out there throwing pancakes like he didn’t care he lost in 9 secs. It was awesome.

Kofi was a total disappointment as a champ. He’s back to Midcard where he belongs and he’s okay with it. So that makes me able to enjoy him at that level