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Jesse from Cincinnati! I enjoy the Roman/LA Knight contract signing but it seems WWE fans “may be living under the rock” a bit on who the head of creative is while some think it is Vince while “new fans” think it is Triple H since he was “knighted” by Endeavor/TKO so I got 2 questions

  1. how will Triple H booked CM Punk’s return will Punk go after Roman since both have a connection
    with Heyman and with Roman not being in Chicago for Survivor Series & Punk hopefully be in
    Chicago can you see Punk vs Roman at Royal Rumble 2024 for the WWE (undisputed universal)

  2. KAIRI Sane has landed from Japan to “maybe” America & “maybe” headed to the “new” WWE HQ
    so how will Triple H booked KAIRI with Bayley Dakota & Asuka heading into Survivor Series
    I hope IYO SKY stays champ heading into Survivor Series and the Chicago WWE Universe chant
    “We Are STARDOM!” at Survivor Series in tribute to KAIRI & IYO’s STARDOM connection and
    don’t forget Dakota’s STARDOM connection and Asuka’s friends in STARDOM too!

Mannie from Pacoima
Greeting John and Wai
The challenge has finally returned to MTV proper with season 39!!!

Really enjoyed Dragon Lee vs Cedric, hopefully this leads to a more serious look at Cedric as well. Dragon Lee using the destino is a nice choice, I do wonder what he’s going to name it? Destiny? Ingobernable? The dragon’s dance?

Revolver will be making its los Angeles debut this november!
And the build to mlw’s Fightland is picking up as Mascara Dorada will makes his mlw debut. Mistico vs Fatu was also teased for a future edition of MLW. Yes boy wrestling is thriving

John I dont know how many episodes you’ve watched, but what are your thoughts on this season of survivor so far?

Its technically Challenge proper, but it feels like a spin off with the lack of star power.

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