FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 10/9/20 (WWE Draft)

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

Thought it was a big missed opportunity in terms of the presentation of this draft. Considering the draft was hosted by the most influential woman on planet Earth, I suppose I was mistaken. It must be October, because Roman is scarier than Michael Myers. Love that this feud with Jey was extended. The picks made little sense, but again it’s my fault for expecting logic from WWE. So much for a Peyton Royce push. Still a fun enough show at points. 4 Smackdown tag title to RAW out of 10.


Remember folks. These Draft picks are NOT FINAL. They could switch back a pick faster tha Booker T & Dudley’s could say “TRIPLE H!”

See you, Monday! :wave:t5:

Phil from West Virginia,

Good evening fellas. With however many of these draft shows there have been over the past 15, 16 years…is John Cena to RAW in 05 the biggest move to have happened looking back?

Alexander from Portland

WWE is nailing Roman Reigns, his ominous “there will be consequences” is a great way to build intrigue. Oppositely, how is being on SmackDown going to build more interest in Seth Rollins and the Mysterio’s? Hopefully their feud can end soon because Seth and Roman could have some sinister chemistry if they reunited. It’s too bad RAW didn’t nab Bianca Bel Air considering they’ve been playing her promos for the past three weeks. Her and Sasha could be a phenomenal feud. Speaking of, does this make it AJ Styles’ fourth roster move this year? 6/10

question: how high do you see Retribution being drafted on Monday? while they’re a malicious stable, it’s still six people for one draft pick.

Kyle from Windsor

Hey guys i was thinking about some tag team names. For Nia and Shayna how about Jax and Queen of Spades, and for Jeff and Riddle how about The Hardy Bros. As for the draft, it’s pretty obvious that The Street Profits are going to Smackdown now that The New Day has brought the other titles to Raw and also because Bianca went to Smackdown and they like to keep the couples together. Where do you guys see the Fiend going and does Alexa go with him? Thanks guys great work as always

Josh from Vietnam

First, I just want to thanks John and Wai for their incredible work ethics and dedication they displayed this G1 season. I’m currently four G1 podcasts behind and I’m not even have to produce them! Wish the both of you the best of health and I will continue to support you guys by being a POST Cafe member.
I have so many thoughts about this show, but just gonna give my 3 main ones:

  1. This Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso feud has really elevated both men. Who could’ve predicted that Reigns can pull off this calculatin but brutal mafia boss character? And for Jey Uso, who would’ve predicted he can become a great single star and involved in a deeply personal feud with a main eventer like Reigns?

  2. So how did that New Day split work? Why didn’t Raw just write New Day in the draft sheet and get all 3 of them? Or did they just wrote “SD Tag Team champion” and expected SD to agree with that? Honestly, that’s heartbreaking for me, but it does feel like they are at the point that a shake-up like this is necessary.

  3. All in all, this first draft night feel somewhat lacking. It mostly confirmed some of the key people that we know would be on the show that they are drafted to anyway. Raw still have all their champions (although The Street Profits is most likely will be on SmackDown, what’s with SD Tag champ is on RAW now and Belair is on SD), SD keep their Universal champion, and Mandy and Brooke is on RAW for a few weeks now. No big surprise apart from New Day split, and no new NXT call-ups either (they really don’t need it)

Erin from Brampton

Hey guys,

I haven’t finished the show yet as I started watching it late. I just wanted to drop in and say I really disliked the format when it came to drafting champions. What happens if a Smackdown champ is drafted to Raw? Would Smackdown just create a new title? Would that devalue the previous title? I just felt like not enough thought goes into creating rules for the draft.

With that being said, I loved the falls count anywhere match!

Anyways, I loved the Rocky review this week! It was the first one I listened to, and it inspired me to rewatch the whole series. Can’t wait to listen to the first two.