FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 11/17

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Jesse from Cincinnati! Great SmackDown from the Indy region! Was surprised that Cody showed up in LA Knight’s match with Jimmy Uso and we got a Women’s War Games match with Damage Control but is Asuka part of the “new” Damage Control with Kairi Sane and IYO SKY and I would not bet Kairi, Iyo, & Asuka would turn their back on Bayley and what about Mone/Sasha not signing with AEW is TK & AEW going to sign Ronda?.

Mannie from Pacoima

Legado is no more? Santos is once again proving why he is the aztec emperor, Dragon lee and Axiom put on a banger?!! Oh yes the latinos are thriving!!
For those wondering what Santos said in spanish he told Carlito to understand that as of this moment, Santos is his worst enemy and what happened to Rey will happen to him.

I was at Revolver’s LA debut last night and had a blast. Every match with the exception of Paul Walter Hausen’s debut match was solid. I definitely recommend checking out the last 3 matches, especially the mike Bailey vs Brian Keith match!! The Renegade sisters, Leyla Hirsch, and Juicy Finau were also in attendance to watch the show.

I’m also looking forward to Andrade’s GCW debut next month in LA. While at the revolver show I spoke with Trey Miguel and he shared with me that the inspiration for his spray paint gimmick was the very famous Canadian graffiti artist, John Pollock!

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