FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 11/3

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Jesse From Cincinnati! I enjoy SmackDown on the FOX Sports app in the USA but I can’t wait to watch SmackDown on the USA app in 2024! LA Knight and John Cena put on fire promos on Roman and Solo even with LA Knight “being a ripoff of The Rock” and Solo “being connected with The Rock and being a ripoff of Tazz who is from AEW” and Charlotte Flair being Shotzi’s partner might be the better Flair story in pro wrestling than her father Ric Flair’s AEW deal and with KAIRI Sane’s WWE return coming up do we see the Pirate Princess at Crown Jewel 2023 or on SmackDown because they want to see KAIRI with Asuka & IYO together for the WWE & NJPW/STARDOM fans & Japanese women’s wrestling fans in the USA & Japan! Ahoy!

Hey guys

With Punk doing the 3 minute Mox match not fully cleared, Danielson wrestling Starks with a broken arm not fully cleared and then on Dynamite with a broken face , are AEW and the wrestlers themselves playing with fire with decisions like these? I feel leaving it up to the wrestlers to say “im good to go” isnt the best idea as these were injuries that kept them out for months. Your thoughts.


The taped go-home did the job to get to Saudi. There are three things are guaranteed. Death, taxes and Bianca Belair has Bayley’s number. I’m glad there was zero run-ins and both of them seemed motivated, despite how often they’ve faced each other. I’m aching for something fresh and it could be as soon as tomorrow. Iyo needs some to show some agency and she might get it…


(sidebar: the anchor is a sign)

Cena calling Solo a poor man’s Taz was vicious (bonus points for his raspy-sounding voice to sell the danger of the Samoan Spike)