FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 11/6/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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With Survivor Series being billed as the “best of the best” and also it being the farewell for the Undertaker, given their storied history, is it possible we will have an appearance of the Best in the World, Shane McMahon?

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Paul from New Jersey

Top notch championship match from Sasha & Bayley. A feud between Sacha and Carmella could be interesting. Really liked Kayla Braxton getting to have some personality in the Jey Uso segment. I like when interviewers get to perform instead of just being mic stands. Billie Kay is merely trying to help the blue brand prevail at survivor series. 7 dirt meals out of 10.

Great job by Nate on Monday and Bruce on Wednesday.

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Erin from Brampton

Graves and Cole mentioned how Corbin ambushing Mysterio was the reason Mysterio couldn’t change into his gear. Shouldn’t Rey have already been in his ring gear? The ambush occurred a segment before the match, so the only thing I learned from this episode is that Rey waits until the last second to change into his ring gear. If he’s this unorganized in his personal life, I can see why he’s having issues keeping his family together.

Jokes aside, I thought this was a solid episode of Smackdown.

I must say, I’m actually impressed with the Lars interviews. Considering how bad the script is, I think Lars makes the most of it. If they can improve the material they give him, I think they might have something with him that I never thought they would.

I’ve really enjoyed the Roman and Jey stuff, but I was hoping for more at the end.


Smackdown hummed along tonight with another good show. Sasha Banks and Bayley opened the show strong with Sasha retaining in her first defense. Big sigh of relief as I bit on every near-fall. The Roman/Jey Uso story took another turn as Jey began to feel conflicted being under the Tribal Chief’s thumb only to embrace his rule after the main event vs Kevin Owens.

The Survivor Series qualifiers were decent as Rey Mysterio looked good in his first match in 2 months. I do think the end of the Rollins/Mysterio family is finally in sight with Murphy’s chess move. Lars Sullivan can be launched into the sun.

Since Heavy Machinery split. Who’s had it worst?: Otis or Tucker?