FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 12/11/18

Leave us your feedback from SmackDown in Las Vegas.


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I find SD live such an easy watch. D Bryan vs ali was a joy. I loved the story of Ali being the Under sized underdog inspired by the “old” Daniel Bryan. My only criticism was a super Spanish fly during a commercial break was a bad idea.

The shorter show than raw speeds up everything and I like every feud right now. I’m even somewhat curious if MIZ and shane will lead to a double turn before mania.

Did anyone notice some new production isms this week? The intro had a UFC sports feel setting up the main event and Kayla interviewing Charlotte right before her entrance gave the queen a grander presence.

8 of 10. Shane lost the two marks for a horrible rock ddt and for winning with the lightest and only triangle submission in skinny jeans I’ve ever seen.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So after it was declared that Raw sucked and Smackdown doesn’t care about being losers, it’s probably the best to at least give a 205 Live guy a shot on Smackdown. It was actually the most intriguing part of Smackdown. I wish WWE did that more as it seems they have set rosters that they use every week, and it’s rare that you get any change from the core group of people. The big negative was the Shane and Miz angle. It comes across like Miz is in love with Shane McMahon and I’m hoping that’s not what WWE is thinking when it comes to the LGBTQ angles that Stephanie McMahon was talking about years ago. I also like watching Nakamura on the show now thanks to listening to the Eggshells companion podcast. Nakamura wasn’t too badly affected by Inoki-ism, but it seems that Smackdown is New Japan in the mid 00s after badly losing to the MMA fighters that represent Raw. It could be called McMahonism. 6 bad punches out of 10.

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Jalen from Pickering,

Daniel Bryan is by far the best thing on the mens roster right now, and the match with Ali was good stuff. I just hope he comes out of his hyperbaric chamber for his mania entrance.

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An pretty good episode of SmackDown tonight, with Asuka Vs Charlotte was quite enjoyable although I thought that Asuka may have got the victory before TLC this weekend. Also I really enjoyed the Daniel Bryan vs Mustafa Ali match, glad to see the Cruiserweights now being integrated into all WWE Brands (Raw, NXT, NXT UK, & now SmackDown).

However I did not enjoy the Mixed Match Challenge, not because of the in-ring quality but because of the broadcast quality. It would go thru long periods of buffering, distorted audio, and when it would stream it looked like it was filmed on a mobile phone at best. Not sure if this is to do with Facebook, as I can easily livestream from WWE, NJPW & ROH on the same computer without any issues. Wai have you had any issues trying to stream season 2?

Matt from Oshawa

First time posting feedback, thanks for all your awesome work!

SD Live was pretty solid tonight, but anything looks good beside the turd Raw lays on Monday’s.

Solid opening match, don’t mind seeing 205 talent getting a bit of a rub against the New Daniel Bryan.

Can we give up on the rap battles? Watching Cesaro trying not to laugh at the beginning of the rap battle was pretty telling what he thought of the segment.

Nothing earth shattering, but everything got a bit of build for TLC. Charlotte needs to take it easy on the teeth whitening, and she needs to learn how to use a Kendo Stick, she looks weak, she needs to take lessons from Asuka who just destroyed both women to end the show. I hope she bought them dinner afterwards.

Smackdown continues to be a fun show to watch. Nothing groundbreaking, but nothing appalling by any means. Daniel Bryan continues to be a fascinating character to watch and the Women’s Title scene gets the recognition it deserves by main eventing. 7 kendo shots out of 10.

Question: With Mustafa Ali competing on Smackdown, do you see 205 Live becoming a half step between NXT and the main roster or was this a one off?

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SmackDown continues to be a solid wrestling show. With that said, do you think it’s the talent or the writing that make it so much more enjoyable than Raw? Hard to imagine it’s such drastic differences in writing - although it very well could be Vince doesn’t care enough about Smackdown. But also hard to blame talent like Rollins and…well just Rollins. I think I answered my own question.

It’s a shame WWE feels a need to make their tag champions constantly look stupid on both shows.

In your opinion is Becky getting to gimmicky with her The Man schtick. I think she’s turned up about 15% more than she needs to be and she’s leaning very heavily into being female Conor. She’s now doing the strut walk which is turning me off. Feels unatural coming from her.

Thoughts on Being the Elite:

  • Ibushi has been left in the cold by The Elite and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns on Kenny or expresses displeasure as the big angle for the New Years Dash show. That could pave the way to MSG - my dream match to see that night.
  • Looks like Final Battle may feature a huge angle with The Elite. Will be interesting to see these guys in ROH not billed from Bullet Club. And the stretch to 4 hours with no new matches makes me think they are protecting against not having enough time for some angle.
  • Did you take the final scene to be the letter from H was for Marty? It felt very staged to have Marty come in and say it was his room, but the letter seems intended for the Bucks and yet was delivered to Marty’s room. This all felt like a final build to a big payoff so I am a tad more critical of the details there.

WWE HOF question: could you see this being the year the Rock or Undertaker go into the Hall of Fame as a massive draw since it will be on the Saturday night now competing with the Garden show?

New Beginnings USA: mind boggling announcement to me.
So the guys not booked on the Japan shows will come to the US, presumable that doesn’t include Okada or Tanahashi or most the big names you’d expect have to stay in Japan. And if you don’t have The Elite locked down then running shows stateside with the B squad and no big domestic draws is extremely questionable. It’s pretty much a ROH joint show but ROH will be there similar times I think. Bizarre.

I conclude that The Elite is in handshake deals with NJPW and ROH that they aren’t going to WWE but are not signing exclusive deals. I wouldn’t be surprised if AEW winds up another promotion like Game Changer that runs a few big shows on bigger scale and is a promotion arm of The Elite group to do business. Does not shut down collaboration opportunities and cross promotional events like there is now in the business. Can’t see how this works in the industry any other way.

Brandon frm NJ

My dearest Young Streetites

Hello my friends been a fortnite, I’ve been missed but alas I have returned. Anywhoo at least we can all agree smackdown doesn’t suck. The show was so much fun to watch. From the opening segment to the spear at the end it was a true delight please keep Vince away from this show, It’s not a journey. Every journey ends, but we go with it.


-Wai did you get the concords with your post dollars

-thoughts on Dom Cruz getting hurt again Plans disappear, dreams take over.

-the elite isn’t going out of the roh territory with a win right? My luck, my fate, my fortune.

-look Brandon frm NJ has a serious side especially in the chat. I’m not gonna act like a loon all the time. I’m misunderstood like pink.

I’m out of here peace