FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 12/20/19

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

I take it back, I love the Christmas ham. I really enjoyed the spots between Mandy & Otis. Very reminiscent of Sunny and Phineas. I hope this continues. These holiday gimmick matches are usually trash, but I thought this one worked really well. The crowd was hot for this match. We all know the Revival are terrific workers, but I don’t think they get nearly enough credit for their personality. Dash maniacally screaming “thanks Santa!” as he smashes Otis with a present, while Dawson talks trash about the Giants & Jets was great. I thought Dana Brooke once again looked very good in the ring. The secret Santa bit led to some pretty funny stuff tonight. SmackDown is usually the show I look forward to the least, but this has been my favorite one since the move to Fox. 7.5. One glaring negative was watching intense, hell-bent on protecting his family Miz walking to the entrance area wearing comically oversized, white sunglasses and a skullcap. What a friggin dork. .

Questions, Is Paige getting replaced on backstage or is she simply not on the show next week because of the holidays? She’s been pretty openly critical about the company lately.

Was not having Roman in front of this Brooklyn crowd strategic?

show title suggestion: GET THESE HAMS!



More family smack talk in the opening sequence and the Dolph Ziggler sneak attack was about as predictable as Christmas itself. Once again the good guys look like idiots.

The interview with Heavy Machinery was actually good! I’m intrigued to see if they follow up with the Mandy Rose romance angle and appreciate them giving her some more personality beyond just being a bitchy hot girl. The match was silly but I enjoyed it nonetheless. That LEGO spot looked very painful and is infinitely more relatable than thumb tacks. Best match and segment of the night for me, including the amusing follow up with the sweaty hug.

Are they re-airing the same Sheamus promo every week or are these supposed to feel unique? These do nothing for me. Not really into any of the Bayley/Dana stuff either and they really needed Daniel Bryan to carry the main event.

All in all another pointless nothing-burger of a show highlighted by a dispute over a ham. 5/10

Nas from NYC live from the Barclays Center

This was my first time watching SmackDown since the go home show of Survivor Series. Fridays are hard for TV. But very good for attending live.

Went to the show with my cousin who’s as much a casual WWE fan as they come. He started listing names asking whether they were on SD. Lesner, Orton, Styles, Becky, Rollins, etc. With every no, the realisation of the lack of main event star power, other than Roman and Bryan really hit me.

Decent show but completely missable for most parts. The street fight tag was fun. No Roman either wtf.

Don’t know if the Fiend segment was on TV. They showed the credits on screen for some weird reason. But he came on right after with the full entrance as Corbin laid out Bryan. The Fiend got into the ring with the red lights on and laid out Miz and Corbin with the claw. He was massively over with the crowd.

No 205 Live. NXT is taking place now. I guess they are taping the 3 matches for next Wednesday’s show. Most including myself are sticking around mainly for the main event tag involving Keith Lee and Lio Rush vs Damian Priest and Tony Nese.

P.S. Did the Revival try to force feed Otis? Really?

Nick from Lansing

I invited a couple friends over to watch Smackdown tonight and I think it says a lot that we were saying our hellos as the show started and within a minute of Daniel Bryan speaking we had all quieted down and were raptly listening. The man is captivating

The holiday street fights aren’t for everyone but I thought the Revival and Heavy Machinery had as good of a match with a Legos spot as you can expect, even if them not hitting the compactor onto the Legos was a massive oversite

Why did Sami tell Braun he was his secret (key word, SECRET) Santa? I can only assume that tradition hasn’t made its way to Canada. At least Mandy brought her gift with her when she told Otis

My friend and I were in the middle of talking about how Sonya Deville was underrated and deserves more of a spotlight when she tapped after two minutes

I’m happy to see Dana Brooke continuing to get more screen time, but I don’t understand the connection she has to Lacey Evans.

The main event was fun enough, but I can’t get into anything involving Dolph Ziggler at this point even if Bryan and Miz worked surprisingly well as a team

Anthony from Melbourne

Finally have some time off work for the holidays so I was able to watch SD on my Saturday afternoon. I started watching on a 30 minute delay thinking it would be enough but caught up to the live feed by the Sheamus promo, which I’m fairly sure I’ve seen before. I turned off the TV and did some cleaning around the house as I couldn’t bare to watch the live feed (how you guys do it is beyond me).

There was just too much “filler” for me, as much as we all nit pick at AEW I think it’s graded against NXT too directly, for me the reality is both Raw and SD are largely poor quality shows that are skippable.

NXT and especially AEW have their issues and room for improvement but we hold them to a higher standard and I think that should be recognized by more fans, rarely are there direct comparisons to things WWE do on a weekly basis that are far worse than AEW.

And don’t get me started on DB and the Miz bickering like school kids on who hates who more, instead of the seriousness of this fiend who has terrorized their families and kidnapped one of them.