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Andrew from Cape Breton

One thing that’s fun about watching wrestling is to see what tropes bookers have. Tony Khan, after several years of established television, developed certain tropes. Battle royals, tournaments, and angles involving contracts were something that got established on AEW television. It seems we now have a trope from Triple H, in what I like to call, the Triple H stable. A Triple H stable consists of 3 male wrestlers and 1 female wrestler. Currently, in WWE, we have the OC, Lashley, Street Profits and B-Fab, the LWO, Legatto Del Phantasma, Alpha Academy, NXT’s the Family, Chase U and Out the Mud. There are also two slight deviations with the Final Testament and the Judgement Day, as one has a male manager and the other has 4 men instead of 3.

If the Bloodline, Imperium, Jinder, Veer & Sanga and Gallus got a female member, they would become Triple H stables, and if the Diamond Mine gained a male wrestler, they would become one too. I do like stables, but it does seem like it’s become a Triple H trope and pretty repetitive. It also sucks that Cody isn’t going to finish the story at Wrestlemania and is stepping aside for the bigger star. Maybe he’ll go for the second place title as Roman Reign established. Cody seems like a bit of a chump. Rock said that finished story doesn’t work for me, brother.

Mannie from Pacoima

Smackdown has now reached the Tiffy top as the center of the universe has now signed with the blue brand!!
Tomorrow night lucha takes over as one of the best technical wrestlers takes on Danielson in what’s sure to be an amazing match. While Mlw will have mistico vs averno on their superfight card.
And gcw presents the coldest winter 2 with nic nemeth vs matt cardona which i will be live in attendance for!!

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