FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 2/26/19

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What did you think of tonight’s WWE SmackDown?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I’m starting to think that 2014 and 2015 may’ve been two of the most influential years ever in WWE. It seems that they are looking at the mistakes they made accidentally and they’re now doing it on purpose to get a crowd reaction. It seems that they want the crowd to believe that Vince just changes things on a whim and in the past number of years has been very bad at planning in advance. I thought the Championship match switch was pretty clever and a great way to continue the Kofi story. Then, in the next segment, they randomly changed the Gargano match. So now I don’t know what to think. Later on in the night, they mentioned that the Usos were going to join then and unless I missed something, they were no where to be found. It’s almost like Vince recognizes that his poor planning and random decisions are great heat, but doesn’t recognize he still does it for real. In the immortal words of Jim Cornette, Sigmund Freud would jump out the window trying to figure out Vince McMahon. Vince is either still a genius, or he’s really suffering from the consequences of all those concussions he suffered after age 55. 6 losses for your World Champion out of 10.


Brandon from Oshawa

Really enjoyed the show tonight, as well as Raw last night. Its been a solid week of TV and I’m glad it looks like they are keeping Ciampa & Gargano away from this for now. I’m really torn on this Kofi Kingston main event push though. I do like him. He’s always been a solid hand, but I dont know that he deserves this spot, just because he’s been around for 11 years. I guess I should take it as a good thing, that WWE seems to finally be listening to their fans and getting behind someone, that the fans are behind. This could have happened with Rusev and they fucked it up. I may be a little bitter, being a huge Kevin Owens fan. I was looking forward to him getting the Mania title shot and potentially becoming the WWE Champion. I’m not a fan of him using the Stunner as a finish, but it was good to see him back and I hope with this change, he doesnt get lost in the shuffle, heading into Mania.

Question about Roman…what do you guys see as the match for him at Wrestlemania?

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Don’t know what else to say except I thought this was a really good show focused on in ring action, and I’m a hard grader when it comes to WWE.

Obviously this storyline with Owens is going somewhere other than just simply replacing Kofi at Fastlane.

I want to say this could be something that could lead to saving Kofi vs. Bryan for Mania but I don’t know, nor am I any good at predicting where WWE booking is going, especially beyond one PPV.

Where do you think this storyline is going?


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Jalen from Pickering,

Strong week for WWE, I’d be very okay with that being the norm. I like where the end result of Owens getting the title match should go, but I don’t like the similarities it has to the women’s titles feud. It’s made even worse because Owens is supposed to be a face. Great to see him back though, especially cuz it adds another great talker to SD.

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Convinced Kofi is winning the title at Mania. This feels very much like when the crowd forced Bryan into the spot except they are going to tell a great story for once :pray: fitting Bryan is on the other side of this as I think he would be very much for getting Kofi over at Mania. He knows what it’s like when the crowd wants it.

Two nice little touches:
Mysterio ate the pin so to protect Almas. (I want Rey and Almas to open Mania with the US title)
One of the commentators brought up Batista after Charlottes monologue, as in why wasn’t she concerned.

7 KO headbutts, or wait, never mind, out of 10

Raw and SD Live road to mania rating: 8 out of 10 for setting up Batista and Hunter and making me believe we’ll get Kofi at Mania now


Paul from New Jersey

Vince McMahon thanks Kevin Steen is box office money. That’s all I wanted to say.

Chris from Queensland, Australia.

With the commentary team in tears at Kofi challenging for the WWE Championship at the start of the show, Vince made the right decision.

Also why did the commentary feel the need to call Charlotte out for not addressing her fathers attack last night at the end of her promo.

But to end on a positive it’s been a big week in WWE and finally starting to feel like WrestleMania season.

Andrew from Saint John
I was intrigued to see where things would go with Kofi and Owens after the opening segment, but disappointed that the New Day didn’t offer some sort of defiant response. The idea that they’re running two identical storylines based on the idea that they make awful decisions and the audience should be outraged is exhausting to me.

David H. From Gardena, California

Haha. Rowan into the ring post!

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VKM, who once was head butted by KO igniting a half year feud with his son, has replaced a crowd favorite with a guy doing vignettes from the bowling alley, who wasn’t big enough that he once jobbed to Goldberg and then in the feud of the season was relegated to mid card with the new face of another promotion. Yup, only in WWE!

My friend (I often refer to him on here as my casual fan friend who I watch PPVs with) asked in 2014 what I would say if somebody told me Vince would add Keven Owens to an already planned Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan title
Match on the road to 2019 Mania (that we are going to together). My responses:
Forget 5 years ago, less than a year ago, KO was facing Shane feuding with the McMahons, Kofi was Kofi, and Daniel Bryan was retired forever!
Literally, never say never!!