FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/13/18

Leave us your feedback and any questions for tonight’s edition of REWIND-A-SMACKDOWN.


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Sean from Toronto

Something that is becoming more concerning for me after both Raw and Smackdown is the crowd chanting “What?” during both Asuka and Nakamura’s promos. WWE really needs to find a way to fix the language barrier, since that type of crowd response can be viewed as highly insensitive towards wrestlers that are being pushed in the main event.

What stipulation do you think they are going to use for Kevin Owens and Sami at WrestleMania? I feel there’s going to be something, loser leaves Smackdown, street fight, etc…speaking of stipulations I also feel the tag titles match is going to have some stipulation involving these hammer’s from the Bludgeon Brothers, your thoughts? Finally, I’m gonna Shoot on this one, do you think since they don’t seem to anything planned for Rusev they would make him the host of WrestleMania, this way they keep him relevant while he is so over with the crowd. I feel him and Aiden would be extremely entertaining. They could even throw Elias in the mix, these guys would be so wasted being in the Battle Royal.

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Monday from Detroit here,

A decent post-PPV show, and after watching I have a few Mania predictions:

The New Day, Usos and the Bludgeon Brothers will bring back the TLC @ Wrestlemania match. You can draw parallels between the Hardys, E&C and The Dudleys.

With the superstar shakeup happening, I think Carmella cashes in her Money-In-The-Bank contract on the winner of Nia and Alexa match. It seems she’s getting heated up with her clean win over Naomi.

Also, its no coincidence that they had the two Japanese superstars cutting promos on tonight’s show because…THE NEW SEASON OF TERRACE HOUSE has arrived! Wai, I expect reviews of the season, and John, now is a perfect time to jump on!


Is this year going to set a record for triple threat matches at Mania? It looks like there’s a good chance we’re going to see:

Miz vs Balor vs Rollins
Orton vs Mahal vs Roode
Owens vs Zayn vs Shane
Usos vs New Day vs Bludgeon Brothers

I guess it’s possible that Owens and Zayn ultimately team up against Shane and someone else but this seems like a lot of multi-man matches for one year of Mania, let alone the two battle royals plus the mixed tag with Ronda and Kurt.

Brandon from Oshawa

I’m tired of the typical face vs face booking, that WWE comes up with, because they arent creative enough to come up with something new. It always seems to be the 2 faces teaming up and of course something goes wrong and they dont get along, or cost each other matches accidently. It looks like this is the way they will go with Nakamura & Styles and I dont like it.

On the flip side, I’m loving the tag title rivalry over the past month or so. Slowly building up the Bludgeon Brothers, while still having them interact with The Usos & New Day, until their destruction at the PPV was great and we got something fresh tonight, with 2 members of 2 different teams, coming together to fight the bigger threat. Its not something we are used to seeing and it felt fresh.

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

So at this rate my assumption is that WWE is going for quantity not quality. A staggering 10 confirmed matches and a possibly of 4 more minimum (RAW Womens Championship, SmackDown Tag Team Championship, the Andre The Giant memorial battle Royal, & Cena vs Undertaker) my only hope is that Style vs Nakamura get the time worthy of a WWE Championship WrestleMania match.

I took your advice and watched the KID ROCK Hall of Fame announcement video on YouTube, my god this was the best video so far.


  • Is their an issue between the WWE & Cyndi Lauper as she is once again overlooked for the Hall of Fame Celebrity wing? As someone who was the involved with wrestling thought both WWE & her music video’s (most notably “Girls just want to have fun” & “The Goonies r good enough”) I think she is first ballad hall of famer for the he celebrity wing. Sadly most of the wrestlers who were involved in projects with Cyndi have since passed away (Names like Captain Lou Albano & Rowdy Roddy Piper) so who do you think would be the best person to induct her if she gets chosen for the class of 2019?

mondocurry in the Bronx:

I was glad Zayn and Owens were on the same page by the end of Smackdown. It doesn’t make sense for them to fight each other when they have a common goal of getting rid of Shane.

(building on kidcanada’s comment above) what do you think of the idea of Shane getting a mystery partner for a tag team match against Owens/Zayn at Mania, which ends up being someone from NXT? It could be a unique and very powerful way for a call up of someone they have a lot of faith in. And this gets around having a “Super Shane” defeating both Zayne and Owens by himself. Maybe it could even be Lashley if he is on his way and goes directly to the main roster.

btw, who was calling 205 Live with Nigel tonight? I wasn’t really paying attention, but during Strong vs Cedric I noticed… this guy is really good!

Jay from Colorado.

This Fabulous Moolah battle royal is a joke. Not the concept, but the person they are dedicating it to. It’s like they intentionally were looking for the shittiest person in the company next to the Warrior to dedicate something important to. I would have much preferred it be the Sherri Martel Battle Royal, she deserves that honor. Hell, I would have taken the Santina Marella battle royal over this and it would have been far more respectful to the women’s revolution than idolizing The Fabulous Moolah is. I just don’t get the WWE sometimes.

Chase from New Orleans

SD was finally good again this week. With more direct focus on Wrestlemania programs, the show seemed to flow a lot better. Though I do worry that the two big singles title matches, Asuka/Charlotte and Nakamura/Styles, will suffer from both being face vs. face with the “respect” angles. Do you think it will be tough to build two similar concepts there without having the stories feel exactly the same?

205 Live was great as always now. The tag match was fun, and the crowd actually got into it at the end. The Cedric/Roddy match was fantastic. Really great work by both guys. I think the wrong guy went over, but I can’t be upset because Cedric deserves a WM spotlight for having to live through the original year and change of 205 Live. He was regularly a highlight then, so it’s nice to see him getting a push now that it’s a better show.

Who do you guys think will win the other semifinal next week? I’m hoping Ali for the potential match quality at WM, but I think it’ll be Gulak so they have a face vs. heel final.

Fast forwarded until the Shane segment. Do you think Elias will be Braun’s partner at Wm?