FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/18/22

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Eddie from Austin,

Didn’t watch smack down but was at Dynamite/Rampage on Wednesday and wanted to leave some thoughts. Was glad to hear on tv that the Rosa chants were louder than the DMDs. The six man and the triple moonsault in particular were even crazier in person. Before rampage Tony khan came out and said that the Darby butcher match is a rematch of Darby’s only non televised tnt title defense from the house show they did, but that they have the footage and he’s excited for everyone to see it some day. The match was great. Keith lee main event was as hot as match one. Excited for cedar park next week!

Am I the only one who’s not a fan of Keith Lee at all?? his promos are really bad and his matches are sooooooooooo slow, you get one move then so much waiting in between, he puts me to sleep

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Nope, I’m a well established Keith Lee hater here. He’s way overrated and would be better off in a tag team. Bring in Shane Taylor and put them back together. AEW needs more big man teams.

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Didnt watch Rampage, but I liked SD. I enjoyed the opening segment up to the stupid forklift spot, but aside from that I really enjoyed the everything else.

Great closing angle, not sure if it was an accident or not but Ronda took a hard bump when she fell out of the ring. I have a feeling they were going for an edge of the apron bump, but either way it looked vicious. I thought the image of Ronda laying there with blood coming out of her mouth was a really good shot to end the show.

As for the matches, I dont watch SD for matches and I fast forwarded through them outside of Kofi/Ridge as I thought maybe they would do something big to follow up the Big E injury…my mistake.

Keith Lee is massively over rated. Yes it’s kind of cool that a guy that big conflict. But apart from that like who cares. He doesn’t have any charisma or promo ability, he doesn’t come across all that menacing in the ring he just looks like a big goof who flips around it and to lose a lot of weight or else he won’t make it to 50.