FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/29

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Jermaine from Chicago, what’s up wai? It’s 2024 so dj Jo po is out and woke p is in. Jade looks special, her look and entrance screams star. I was happy that Kai had a chance to shine in a main event. Is this Bayley io sky match the worst build of a championship match this wrestlemania? Io doesn’t even feel like a main eventer.
I’m nothing but a humble man but I’ve been telling you guys for yrs that Roman is overrated and the rock is exposing Roman by carrying this program. Underneath all that window dressing is the same guy. Wai sees it. Paul heyman said that Roman order that hit on Cody, the rock talked a lot during that beating and didn’t mention Roman once. We aren’t all fools.

Do you see us getting Gunther and Brock down the line maybe at summer slam? Have a great wrestlemania week. You two deserve the finest cheesesteaks. Have a great week

Brian in the chat, in New Jersey.

First off, best wishes to Kenny Omega if he pursues surgery on his intestines.

My main highlights of Smackdown were the IYO SKY promo segment, and the confirmed and teased additions to the WrestleMania card, especially Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate getting added to the Ladder Match. A shame that the Street Profits weren’t, but a good slot on the card for Theory & Waller. And those are my brief thoughts on a show that just hasn’t felt as compelling to me as Raw the past two months, but the first show after WrestleMania could be the start of a new story.

Now to what I really want to talk about. My tentative schedule for next week is:
The Hunkamania comedy show on Wednesday
DDT on Thursday
ROH on Friday
NXT on Saturday afternoon
and finally both nights of WrestleMania

I would attend more shows Thursday and Friday if I wasn’t working. Bloodsport would have been a must. I’m hitching rides with friends to these last three events from their hotel so that I can park in Philadelphia for free, and they say their hotel is only five miles from the Linc, so me stopping by 1903 Chestnut Street seems very likely that Sunday.

Quick question, do you think this heel run for Roxanne Perez on NXT was always going to happen, or were their hands forced because Cora Jade got injured and they needed a heel? For what it’s worth, I think Roxanne has been very good in the role.

Jay from Colorado

Just wanted to chime in on the Kenny Omega news. I had diverticulitis and like Kenny I ignored it for awhile and put off the surgery. After the eigth visit to the ER I decided it was time for the surgery.

The surgery is intensive, and will require additional downtime. If they do the same to him that they did to me they will remove a section of this colon, and then reroute the section of his colon from the stomach into an ostomy bag that will be attached to his stomach. This serves to collect waste and isn’t easy to care for and has to be emptied often. He will wear this for 3-6 months until they decide it’s safe to rehook his colon back together. After that it’s another 6 months at least for recovery.

I will share this, the second surgery to reconnect my colon did not go well and my abdominal wall was essentially destroyed. I have had additional surgeries since to put a mesh over hernias, and then another surgery to put a mesh on that mesh when it failed. I live between a 4-7 on the pain scale every day, and there’s nothing I can take to kill the pain that doesn’t turn me into a zombie, or make me sleep all day. My mobility is limited and things like coughing and laughing hurt a ton. It’s not an easy existence.

But with that being said, I’m not Kenny Omega. The man is a super hero, and I truly believe he can fight this and beat this. Although it’s a complex surgery there are many who have it, Brock Lesner and I think Curtis Axel too, and are able to carry on just fine.

Also, Jade Cargill is a star and I love you guys.