FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/8/24

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

This time I made to do some cleaning for the first 15 minutes of the final 30 minute segment. I do understand that my taste is different from people watching, but the 15 minutes of nothing is something that I hate, especially tonight when they could have used that time better at the end of the show. The Rock is head and shoulders above everyone else promo-wise, it almost seems like it’s bullying. He’s much better than Roman too and has made him the Miz in this feud. It does feel like Seth is still a background player as well. The gap between him and the Rock promo-wise is as wide as the gap between home in Cape Breton and British Columbia. Other than that, the show is a decent wrestling show, but can be a little slow at times. I guess I’m used to Dynamite’s crazy action, as I like that better, but you can’t say it doesn’t work.

Jermaine from Chicago. Smackdown was ok, we truly know Vince is gone with the combo of his face being blurred out in the WWE game and that prime ad on the ring. Love the rock black Adam new entrance .With the rock being back for a couple weeks it’s apparent why the rock has ascended to level most wrestlers haven’t reached. The man is such a better talker than Roman it’s crazy. The WWE is playing a dangerous game because having rock next to Roman it’s harder to hide Roman flaws. Quick thing about John cena, they ask him to name his 3 top women in the WWE. He named 5 and they all currently wrestle for the WWE. That’s his list but that’s disrespectful to the history of prowrestling. Lastly I love ospreay and think he should be one of the top babyfaces in aew. What do you say to people who say he shouldn’t go that long in a match vs a midcarder? Should he have a mouthpiece because of his thick British accent? Have a great weekend The combo of his Facebook