FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/16/21

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What did you think of WWE SmackDown?
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Paul from New Jersey

Happy for Cesaro. Working with the top guy in the business for a world title. Pour one out for the IICONIC’s. Sad, but for the best. The return of Jessica McKay and KC Cassidy.

What was your favorite IIconics moment in WWE? Try your best to only pick one.

After the wave of releases this week, I really wasn’t feeling it going into Smackdown tonight. That meant that I found the frequent recaps of WrestleMania moments, particularly the UFO swing, really grated on my nerves. Seriously, they have to stop relying on that kind of thing to pad their programming, especially since they’re also repeating so many match-ups.

I feel a little guilty because I said part way through the show that I didn’t want to see Jey Uso lose a match every week. I don’t want him to keep losing but I also don’t want whatever that was that ended the show. Please get Seth some help for his post-traumatic swing disorder and just let Cesaro have his title shot.

It seems to me that last year, most of the releases from NXT were announced several days after the main roster cuts. Am I remembering that correctly? If so, do you think we’re going to see WWE’s current budget crisis forcing them to cut talent from NXT this year as well?

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Normally I’d be accepting of the idea that they showed a recap video too many times, but in this instance I mostly disagree. Cesaro has spent a near decade in the midcard as a singles wrestler and this month is going to be about changing the perception of him to your audience. So this is the hook that gets you there - knocking off a successful Wrestlemania performer and doing one of the more incredible moves we’ve seen in the history of the show. Making moves and wins-losses matter. And you want to drive that into the ground to tell the audience “this is the Cesaro that is ready to be a threat to the invincible Roman Reigns” , here is the move that Reigns has to be fearful of…and not the meandering Cesaro we’ve been previously conditioned to that would otherwise lose to him in a short main event on a random Smackdown.

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So why was he scripted to agree with everything Heyman said about him? All the highlights of the UFO to me means that Vince had never seen the move before and liked it.

He agreed with the comments about his looks but disagreed with Heyman’s comments that he doesn’t belong in the ring with Roman Reigns…so isn’t that the correct emphasis?

Also Vince saw it last year.

I would say the elimination chamber match.