FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/26 [WWE Draft]

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Tony Lyan leveraging the profile and visibility of the NFL draft is a smart move channel change from all the recent bad publicity. As classically “Carnie” as it is, the camp of it feeds a fun, offbeat spin about AEW into the national dialogue. In a similar capacity to how WWE is using Wrestlemania and the “new era,” to move past Vince MacMahon’s personage being tethered to the WWE’s public identity.

I like that Tony was (pun intended) ALL-IN on selling the gimmick.

Nas from NYC

Genuine questions, has any draft ever been good? Maybe the first one? My memory escapes me. This one was worse than any recent ones I remember just because my expectations were much higher. I’m now convinced that drafts can never ever work in pro wrestling. Somehow SmackDown managed to pick a guys they called up 2 months ago from the developmental brand ahead of a guy that main evented their self proclaimed biggest WrestleMania ever against The Rock. Even in kayfabe it doesn’t make sense. Everyone stayed where they were.