FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/3/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Joe from Niagara

Over the past few weeks, WWE has been airing old matches during RAW and Smack Down, and I have to admit I have been skipping past all them via PVR. But this week I watched the entire Flair / HBK match and I’m glad I did. Watching it back, it made me realize why Shawn Michaels was my favourite wrestler as a kid. The way he sold for Flair that whole match was a joy to watch and of course, the classic ending to that match was the cherry on the cake. I also would like to wish all the best and safety to all the post community and you John and Wai during these trying times. I am a store manager of a grocery store and I am reminded everyday how serious this pandemic is and the effect it has everyone. Yes these empty arena shows are lacklustre, but I enjoy them particularly because it gives me an outlet and escape from the reality I witness on a daily basis. Stay safe, stay home, we will get through this together.

What to say about SmackDown this week? Inconsequential, as with past RAWs and SmackDowns. At this point, they should have made shows filled with re-airing past matches, because otherwise nothing else is interesting enough to sit through, especially without any crowd reaction.
Tamina looked as underwhelming as she ever was, Naomi got pinned again because why not. I skipped Tucker vs Dolph and resumed halfway through Nakamura vs Bryan, which must’ve been the best thing on the show beside Shawn vs Flair. Cena cut another work shoot burial wink wink nods nods promo, which got boring the first time he did it. Bray did not come out and attack Cena like he should’ve done, which is the perfect brown cherry on top of this wet fart sundae of a show.
6 Flair top rope dives out of 10.

Nick from Lansing

For the most part while watching these shows I’m able to put a lot of the outside world to the side and focus solely on the wacky world of WWE. But even I found it hard to put things to the side when the show starts with a big brawl featuring at least one person who will no longer at Wrestlmania because of an unknown illness. Even under normal circumstances not being up front about the situation with the Miz would be bad, but when you add in the piss poor way the handles the announcement of Braun over Roman it feels worrisome for what they have planned over the next few days.

I was glad to see payoff to the Mandy/Otis angle eventually, but inserting Mustafa(??) into this without a clear direction is another indictment of how thrown together these shows have been. Even considering the circumstances outside their control, it would be nice feeling like had planned anything more than one week in advance. I normally try and find the positives but this was the definition of an average WWE production

Um did I miss something? No explanation for Romans disappearance just an announcement of Braun facing Goldberg. Triple H said it would be explained in a unique storyline way, will it be explained before the match? I enjoyed the replay of Michaels v Flair. That’s how a crowd should be, it sounded great. 4 out of 10 tonight.

Alexander from Portland

Loved the utilization of the environment at the end for Cena/Wyatt. Kudos to WWE, none of the matches have been spoiled. In a time where people have nothing better to do than gossip, it’s nice to know all involved with WrestleMania haven’t. The women’s match may be the best Tamina match I’ve seen, and it still kinda sucked. At a time where Lacey Evans can be called up from NXT and have a three month feud with the hottest women’s star in the company, it’s telling that Tamina hasn’t gotten anything of recent memory. I don’t get why WWE keeps her around at this point when there’s any number of women in the NXT locker room that can do what she does much better. Sorry for the negativity, I’m just genuinely curious.

Question: Tonight we got confirmation by WWE that Goldberg would be defending against Strowman at WrestleMania, literally a day or two before the match. What did WWE benefit from making this announcement today vs. having done it on RAW or even SmackDown last week? How does that extra week or so of non-exposure benefit the company?

WTF did I miss? Why isn’t Roman in the match anymore…after all that? Seriously…

At least the Cena/Bray stuff made me optimistic we’ll see editing this weekend.

And WTF is JR doing calling WWE on Fox. 2020 really is the upside down

Jeremy in Texas

I guess a “unique way” is a clearly inserted Michael Cole voiceover on a graphic of Goldberg and Braun. It’s certainly to the point, but with zero storyline explanation.

Should be an interesting weekend watching the most unique Wrestlemania ever…hopefully not two 4+ hour nights.

Appreciate all the content from you guys, especially over the last couple months, as we’re all in this pandemic together.

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The closing segment appeared to be a precursor with what might be happening over the weekend with cuts; specifically with The Boneyard and Fun House matches. I thought that the Ottis segment was well blocked. That Roman Reigns replacement announcement was as “unique” as the non-announcement of whatever is happening with The Miz’s match. Miz coming out coughing all over the mic was gross. I just had a question about the New Jack episode of Dark Side of the Ring. Do you guys feel that Paul Heyman’s voice was missed?

Jinder Mahal did an interview today on 650am in Vancouver on the Dan Riccio & Randip Janda show. He spoke in his non wrestling voice but was half character half Yuvraj Singh Dhesi with his answers. A few take aways:

He said he was cleared on March 1st to resume wrestling by WWE doctors after a knee injury last June.

He is hoping to return after WrestleMania and would be interested in an angle with Gronk stemming from his loss in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WM 33.

His dream match would be against Bret Hart as they both are from Calgary and Bret was his hero/favorite wrestler growing up.

He loved WCW growing up and mentioned the main card characters (Goldberg, Sting etc.) as favorites but singled out Disco Inferno matches for their creativity and Disco’s enthusiasm. He also talked about Chris Benoit, when prompted, and how good of a wrestler he was and his move from the mid card to headlining shows and becoming a champion.

It was roughly 8 minutes long and can be found on the 650am website, a Sportsnet station.

He signed off promoting WrestleMania this weekend and said he would be watching.

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