FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 5/28/19

Leave your questions and feedback for RASD. What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

Perhaps it was because RAW was atrocious, but I found SD to be a pretty solid show. Kofi/Owens was an enjoyable match and Bayley (Champion) was booked strong. What a concept.

Why would Truth need to defend his title? More importantly, poor Elias. Some can say their first WWE Championship was The illustrious Intercontinental championship, but Elias now walks 24/7. I’m tired of Shane McMahon’s face, but I thought Bryan and Rowen were great as well as Black. 6.

Ughhhh Brandonfrmnj

My dearest Canadian Tar Sands

It is I your loyal crown prince of crime brandon, been a minute since we spoke I quite frankly have been missed. Would love to apologize for being framed I didn’t commit. I didn’t graffiti your wiki John I would never be a rebel rouser and do such untold things. Alas we are hear for the meat of the email that is smackdown, fun show. Day two of the revolution lived up to expectations which produced more wrestling than Monday. Owens and the dreadlock domino had a great match so did Mandy and carm. In order to make raw better again we have to go back Jonny and Wai to actually move forward. Now I don’t mean to reminisce and chase ghost I mean go back and see where raw came from where you been how you got here and see where you going. I know there are those who say that you can’t go back yes you can. You just have to look in the right place.


-John are you gonna build a fight finder

I’m out of here peace

John definitely doesn’t know what it’s like to get pinned while having a cavity filled.

Joe from Niagara

Hey guys, I have to be honest, It has been a struggle watching Raw and SmackDown this week, after watching Double or Nothing. Im sure that is a general consensus. All I can say about SmackDown is that I feel bad for Kevin Owens. Where does he go from here ? Just wondering if you guys will be at Niagara Falls Comic con this year? Hopefully Taker makes it there, although I’m a little worried with Super-showdown just 2 days prior to his scheduled appearance. Anyways boys, keep up the good work.