FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 5/7/19

Leave your comments for tonight’s edition of Rewind-A-SmackDown where I’ll be joined by Nate Milton.

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

I don’t know what to say about this show. It was okay. Better than that dumpster fire last night, but I can’t get past the stupid wildcard. That aside, the main event was very good.

P.S. Nate Milton rules. My favorite Dwayne Johnson movie is the Rundown. Underrated action comedy.

Mike from MN

As much as we are all sick of the “evil gm/authority” figure, I kind of feel that the whole brand split does not make sense with out it. Let alone the wild card non-sense. I mean who is the person inviting the 4 raw guys over? Did Styles just have to be the first one to fill out a one day transfer form? Why would they want a Raw team or superstar win a smackdown title? Why do I feel like Zayn and Bryan are almost the same guy? Speaking of Bryan, why do I have to watch him feud with Heavy Machinery? And finally the biggest question of the week…why can Ember Moon be called the WAR goddess but on raw we have a team named Viking Raiders??

Brandon from Oshawa

So, the WWE wants to build their ratings back up. To do this, they probably need a few stars on their show, that we actually want to watch. Obviously it makes perfect sense then, to give a WWE title shot, to a guy you just threw in the trash the night before. What a star building moment.

I really think Shane needs to put a Corporation like stable together, to go between both shows. It’s been too long since we had a solid stable war.

Brother Nate, who wins the Stanley Cup?

Andrew from Cape Breton

So The Miz ended up breaking the rule of 4, so unless they say they will fine him, then this new stipulation died pretty quick. I’m trying to remember a stipulation dying quicker. I think there was a WCW pay per view that had Curt Hennig’s retirement match, only for him to wrestle the next night. The big positive of the show was Kofi Kingston retaining the title. It does feel like they’re building him up as this Bret Hart style WWE champion. One problem with Bret though when he originally won it is Bret defended the title against threats like Virgil, Papa Shango and the Berzerker. Not that Sami is on the same level as Virgil, but he definitely should beat some top talent in the next few weeks. Somehow, the show seemed relatively sensible, which is high praise in the past few weeks. I kinda wish they would have just dumped the Smackdown titles but what can you do. 6 out of 10 show.

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Impact Wrestling question please Nate if you have time.

What did you make of Michael Elgin’s first full week on impact this past week? great addition I think. for me this is the best impact has been since the pre Hogan/Bischoff era am I over exaggerating with that statement?

Keep up the great podcast Nate and remember in the darkest parts of some of them movies “never rest never rust” as AJ Styles would say :+1:

Ventak from Mumbai,

Seems like WWE can’t follow their brand new rule even the day after it was created. AJ stated that 4 superstars were allowed to cross brands each week, but we had 5 with AJ, Sami, Miz and the Usos.

What would KO have done if Sami or AJ won the title?

Why the hell are the Usos booked to be like assholes on RAW, and yet like a serious Tag Team on SD. Continuity Issues Galore.

I’m starting to like this deluded side of Shane. The tease of the B-Team joining back with Miz was there, but that didn’t go anywhere. I agree with Brandon from Oshawa about Shane reforming the corporation.

The Main Event was really good and makes Kofi looking strong heading into MITB. I feel bad for Sami, but I guess you couldn’t have the Champion or the contender for the Universal championship, take the fall.

Overall a much better show than Raw, but it didn’t have to do a lot to get there. 6/10 for me.