FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 6/18/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

So with the brand split unofficially ending, the biggest problem with Smackdown now is it’s back to becoming Raw’s dress rehearsal. The Firefly Funhouse is great, but it doesn’t need to be replayed on Smackdown when that time could go elsewhere. So the show has gone back to the days when you guys didn’t want to do a Review a Smackdown, because what was the point of reviewing a show like that. The big highlight for me though was Drake Maverick winning the 24/7 title. I always hoped that he would get some shine in WWE as he’s a very talented performer. I know the title is as meaningless as the Wild Card rule, but I have to admit I was overjoyed seeing him win it. Drake also built this up for weeks so it was a meaningful win for a meaningless title. Show was ok, but it’s the dress rehearsal again. 5 out of 10.

Paul from New Jersey

Maybe it’s because Alexa and Bayley’s last feud was a dumpster fire or because this fuse is one of many violations of the brand split, I haven’t been looking forward to a moment of Bliss. I do have I ever have to say that I enjoyed their back-and-forth. Bayley sounds more serious which was needed.

Speaking of verbal billions, Daniel Bryan made a sheep herder’s reference as well as a Koko Hall of Fame quip. Bryan highlighted Heavy Machinery’s Athletic achievements and was just flat out entertaining.

Too much Shane McMahon, but Miz was terrific and the Awesome Truth deal worked for me. I’ll take the product more seriously after the death of the wildcard, but the shows have been better.

Brandyn from Ohio

I enjoyed the show overall. I liked Woods vs Dolph, thought Dolph’s promo was good even if repetitive. I really enjoyed the tag team stuff with Daniel Bryan on commentary.

Lows would be the alexa segment, miz and shane… But having not watched raw, I did appreciate getting the firefly funhouse.

Cant help but feel bad for the various folks getting sent to the Chair Buffet from seth rollins, Poor EC3 and B Team…

My biggest complaint is that I was looking forward to Owens and Sammi vs the champs… But why make it 2 out of 3 just out of nowhere?

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did I’ve been skipping weekly WWE lately and watching more NJPW. I should also admit that I was viewing the show at 1.5 speed, so that could play into my enjoyment of the promo segments… I give it a 6.5 out of 10 or a 13 out of 20

Smackdown was a good show tonight but this wild card rule is not working for me ending the brand split was a mistake and they could care less. My question is about 205live good matches the croud just seems bored what changes can be made to improve this and what ever happened to the rumored crusierweight tag team championships

Jeremy in Texas,

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I enjoyed the Alexa/Bayley segment. The promo seemed a bit shoot-like and made it interesting and an enjoyable segment to watch, at least for me. I’m now more interested in their match on Sunday. Establish conflict based on real-life situations. What a concept!

Brandon from Oshawa

Obviously Vince was binge watching some NXT on the Network this past weekend and saw that the 2 out of 3 falls stipulation is one of their big matches they go to for a feud. What other excuse is there for having a meaningless 2 out of 3 falls match, on back to back nights.

Best part of the show was Drake Maverick putting his feet on the car for leverage to win the 24/7 title.

Question…since Alexa Bliss has a new coffee addiction gimmick, will you guys be sending her some POST Wrestling coffee sleeves? It would make sense to add to this real creative gimmick they’ve given her.