FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 6/25/19

What did you think of the show?

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Paul from New Jersey

No more Shane. Real piss poor episode of SD. The 2/3 falls commercial gimmick is bizarre and stupid. Sonya and Ember aren’t over. Black’s promos are just hilarious to me now. Dolph’s music hit and I groaned. My highlight of the night was Spud and R-Truth which probably isn’t a good sign. 2.


Smackdown didn’t feel as jarring as RAW with the “resets”, maybe because my feed has the matches that play during commercials. I will say, having 2, 2 out of 3 falls matches in one show makes it hard for me to suspend disbelief and just makes me imagine Vince and the writers storyboarding the show.
Question for Cowboy Wai and the Maverick John Pollock: without Google, can you remember the last (WWE) 2 out of 3 falls match that ended with 2 falls?

Also why do I keep rooting for Dolph. He’s like the Detroit Lions of the WWE.

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Mike from MN

I am already over this whole every match is either best out of 3, or starts out as a tag match or one on one match and then is restarted as a multi tag. For the life of me I can not understand why they think the major issue is commercials getting in the way of the matches? TV should be for the story lines, the PPVs are for the wrestling. Also why does Shane need to be in so many angles? Instead of the Shane/Miz crap, why can’t we get Buddy Murphy, Finn, Black, AoP, Iconics, or any of the other talent that is never on tv anymore? I dunno, just seems like Vince may have lost his touch a bit, this should not be rocket science…more and better story lines on tv with great wrestling matches that means something on PPVs.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

So I figured out who knocked on the Aleister Black’s door. For weeks, Aleister had been begging someone to knock on the door. And who’s there? Braden Walker. He’ll knock Aleister’s brains out! This whole gimmick is awful, and made worse when the 205 Live general manager is willing to pick fights with people, but this guy isn’t. I’m also interested with where they might end up going with Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. They dealt with racism decently this year with the Kofi build to Wrestlemania, but I still have my skepticism with how they would handle an LGBTQ storyline. The whole match with Ember also wasn’t realistic as if you smash up someone’s Nintendo Switch, you’re likely to get your throat slit. Maybe Ember is just that nice of a person. But yeah, decent show over all, 6 out of 10.

Question. What are your thoughts on the Seth Rollins/Will Ospreay situation as Rollins tweeted a bit more today? Personally, I love it. The whole thing is a glorified dick measuring contest, and you have two guys who feel they are big stars, and are talking shit. I really like that in my wrestling. Sadly, now I want to see a match between the two, but we won’t get that. I miss that from when WCW was around.

Brandon from Oshawa

I get the beginning of Rewind-A-Raw now. You were aiming to nail that opening in 2 out of 3 tries. Please dont eliminate yourselves from the show next, we need you both here.

I was falling in and out of sleep during the middle of the show, but I could have swear I saw someone knock on Aleister Blacks door and he just sat there and smiled? That wasnt just a dumb dream I had, was it? He’s been sitting there for weeks, begging for this and he doesnt have the decency to answer it. He comes off like an idiot.

I kind of feel sorry for Tucker. I dont know if Otis is ever going to be a main event level guy, but its clear he has a lot more going for him and feels like someone Vince will have more interest in going forward, so Tucker better hope Heavy Machinery stick around for a while.

Is Kevin Owens the smartest guy in WWE, or is everyone else just really stupid to keep trusting this guy? I want him & Zayn to win the tag titles, not break up, but I dont know what to think after tonight.

Terry from (not Denver) Colorado

Was at the house show a couple weeks ago Nakamura vs Balor was the opener. If they can have a match like they did at the house show we’re in for a treat.

Did Big E licking his fingers before giving high fives to the crowd make John sick? (Reset)
Was tonight the first time Kofi was pinned since becoming champion? (Reset)
John, please share your thoughts on the end of Prime Time Sports. (end of segment)

Ventak from Mumbai

This whole no wrestling during commercials is already wearing thin on me. Why do they have to complicate things so much just to avoid wrestling during commercial breaks.

You have a 2/3 falls match for Elias vs Miz. What did we do to deserve that? Why is Shane there in every other segment.

There was not a lot I liked about this show. The main event was fine and all, but there was no way Dolph was getting added to that match at extreme rules, which I guess is a good thing.

Have you guys seen this stat floating around on reddit? After tonight, Kofi is 21-0 since becoming WWE champion. This includes Tags, countouts, DQs etc. In comparison Seth is 11-3 since mania. Kofi comes off as a much better champion than Seth. Seth needs to get off twitter maybe lol? Maybe Shane can feud with Okada on twitter about who’s the ‘BEST IN THE WORLD’.

John, I’m excited for this UFC on ESPN 3 card. Seems to be a bit top heavy, but those top 3 fights with Ngannou v dos santos, Formiga vs Benavidez and Maia vs Rocco Martin should be very good. But maybe I’m going in a bit hopeful. Just started following MMA earlier this year