FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 6/26/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

Patrons, we’ll be going live at this link at 10:15pm chatting today’s very busy news and taking your calls.

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Paul from New Jersey

The idea that I’m supposed to watch the show & pretend that the Undertaker isn’t going to wrestle another 3 matches, is as absurd as not testing your talent during a pandemic. Sasha sang that’s not my name” by the Ting Tings as Bayley called Alexa’s handspring move “The Ariola splash”. I do find them funny, but they did take away from the women in the ring. My overall thoughts on this show are ther Zelina Vega & Black are now on Twitch. stay safe. Wear your mask.

Alexander from Portland

That was the most house-show ending SmackDown has had in months. For a show to say goodbye to The Undertaker everything felt very underwhelming. On a positive note it was fun seeing the wrestlers surround the ring for the main event, whether they were lumberjacks or not. Since RAW and SmackDown are now being written by the same person there ought to be some differences between the two shows. With tonight and the Adam Pierce backstage segment that we had a few weeks back, I like the idea of seeing all (or a large majority of) the SmackDown roster on a bi-weekly basis, setting up matches or watching a match ringside. The tag match was good, but nothing on this show was anything worth going out of your way to see. 4/10

question: with the HORROR SHOW tag line being thrown around so much and Braun’s constant swamp references, do you think the Universal Title match at Extreme Rules will be a cinematic match that takes place in a swamp?

Kyle from Windsor

Hey guys, just a quick question…I don’t watch AEW so i don’t know the answer, but what does Matt Hardy call the Twist Of Fate there because if i remember correctly when Jeff first came back the Twist Of Fate was called the Twist Of Fury, now it’s Twist Of Fate again, so was just curious if Matt owned that move name, or did WWE? Thanks guys

Phil LeMasters from West Virginia

Do you guys think AEW is suffering from roster bloat even with everything going on? People that are there now can’t seem to get on TV semi-regularly. What happens when things get back to normal (pregnant pause) when it comes to the rest of the roster? The time table for their second TV show is completely non-existant I’m sure at this point.

Quick AEW Question: How is Jim Ross able to get away with saying a line like he did prior to the FTR match, speaking to Tony on Britt Baker: “That’s your girl. You gotta take her to the woodshed sometime.”, talking about beating a woman, especially in the time of the world we are living in?

Will be interesting to see the rating that the Undertaker segment gets. Unfortunate circumstances provided way for the segment, but the idea of playing matches from Mania had been speculated on for awhile.

Thanks for the great content and coverage you all are providing despite the wrestling business not being a great place right now!

Chris Thunder from Down Under.

SmackDown was alright today, mostly filler with Undertaker night.

But to be honest, I’ve been struggling to watch any wrestling the past week with all the news, especially some shocking things from the Aussie scene.

I was going to call in but decided that dejected Chris may not be for the podcast.

Thanks for the good work guys, and BWE had a very rerespectful talk this week.

Peace out.