FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/16/21

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Boy that was fun. Turns out it’s not just the mp3’s that like some of these guys and gals, eh? Gotta imagine the wait has been worth it to Edge who is just racking up monster pops. Seemed like Roman couldn’t even keep a smile down on that one. Glad they’re spreading out some of the surprises and debuts over a few weeks instead of cluttering it in one show. That really made the Finn return stand out. Should be fun to see what kind of crowd shows up on Sunday.


Brandon from Oshawa

It was a solid show, but not because of the crowd, who I thought were kind of disappointing. A show that isn’t full of rematches helps a ton.

The stars were Corbin and Zayn for me. Both are hilarious. I want to see Corbin slumming it on the streets before the show, begging the crowd for change.

John, did you feed Max wagyu beef when he was 2 years old?


Good night John and Wai, First time subscriber all the way from Trinidad been a listener of you guys since 2015
.you have provided hours of entertainment for me while I’m on work or driving Thank you very much for all the hard work yall do…as for the show enjoyed every bit of it …the crowd was hot and that is mostly what I was looking forward to…thanks again and be safe out there

Theon from Trinidad


Tonight felt like a big deal and Houston brought it.

  • Roman Reigns feeding off of a live audience only enhances his overall act. Edge receiving a thunderous reaction was galvanizing and the opening 6-man tag was solid.

  • Shiny Suit Seth is a pompous prick. (Effective tease for the Edge/Rollins feud)

  • Bianca Belair/Carmella was a well worked TV title match. The guillotine spot into the delayed suplex was very good. I also loved Bianca getting a great reaction.

  • Finn Balor returning to Smackdown has me concerned because I don’t wanna see him regress to who he was before his second NXT run. The Prince > Demon.

  • The main event was a sprint. Given all the talent involved, I expected a 15-20 minute match but I get why they’re holding back for Sunday which the MITB ladder match should be a strong shoo-in for MOTY. Shinsuke’s entrance felt great hearing the audience sing along again.

May we never go back to the Thunderdome.


Really enjoyed tonight’s show. Not sure why people are being so negative on this crowd, I thought they were great. Felt organic and energetic, not a crowd looking to get themselves over. If WWE was piping it in, I couldnt tell.

Roman continues to be the best in the business, and Edge came off like a mega star, really enjoyed the opener. Finn returning was cool to see, I had it spoiled, but that’s ok. Bianca vs Carmella was good for what it was and the correct person won. Great show, glad crowds are back!

Fun show and that pop for Edge was massive.

But once the entrances are done the crowd just dies because none of these people are over. Even the Balor return was pretty quiet.

Personally I am loving the Corbin angle, hilarious stuff. I have no clue what they’re doing with “Nox” and “Shotzi” but some vignettes or mic time might help - no one has any clue who they are