FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/23/21

What did you think of SmackDown?

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My interest for the show tonight was very peaks and troughs. I was very happy to see Cena again, did not find him repetitive and enjoyed his back and forth Heyman, followed by a respectable match with Zayn and Balor. I hit my first trough when Big E came out only for Apollo to interrupt followed by countless others for the big waste of 10 minutes. I was hoping the atmosphere at the festival would be decent but they looked bored stiff and there was obvious crowd sweetening that threw me off. Although a lack of reaction is to be expected I really felt for the wrestlers. Toni Storm had a good showcase match against Zelina, as every week goes by I wonder why she returned to be in this role as I’d like to think it’s not what she envisioned.
My interest really peaked at the end with the potential swerve of Roman vs Fin Balor! I’m eager to see how this plays out!

Highlights of the show Bad luck Corbyn and Seths promo in his exquisite baby blue suit.


Smackdown did the split location format slightly better than Raw 25th did. Visually, seeing the backdrop of a pier was pretty cool. The matches there were okay, despite some noise sweetening. Good on them for trying something different.

Finn Balor challenging Roman Reigns right out of the gate erased my fears of him regressing and it keeps the tease of Cena/Reigns going. The Prince was in full effect. Cena cut a very good promo. Edge/Rollins got off to a good start. Toni Storm had a far better debut than Karrion Kross.

A slight step down from last week.

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Erin from Brampton

I wasn’t too interested in the actual wrestling on this show, but we got some great promos and angles. I especially enjoyed the Rollins and Edge segment.

There’s still time until Summerslam, and I’m glad they’re taking their time and not simply giving Cena a title match. Balor challenging Roman was a fun swerve, and I think they’ll be able to give us one hell of a Smackdown main event next week.

Also, Corbin taking a missile to the groin was comedy gold. That whole story is turning out to be a lot better than I thought it would.

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I didn’t hear when Balor/Reigns will happen.

I don’t know if I’ve seen a clearer example of how little currency wrestling has in popular culture than the Rolling Loud segment. That’s not a knock on WWE- I applaud them for trying something new and they’re still the most popular wrestling promotion by a mile. But if there were more than a few dozen people in that crowd who knew who those performers were, I’d be surprised. It wasn’t even that they hated what they were seeing, there was just an air of complete indifference.

As for the rest of the show, I enjoyed seeing Finn vs Sami. The crowd reaction for Balor shows that fans’ enthusiasm for him hasn’t dipped at all and I’m hopeful that the company is ready to get behind him. Of course, by the end of the show, I was left thinking that it’s more likely that they’ve brought him back as someone they can heat up quickly and feed to Roman on the way to Cena at SS. I hope I’m wrong about that.