FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/3/20

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the Matt Riddle promo. He, Morrison & Corbin impressed. Stuff like this is the perfect role for Corbin. I could listen to Daniel Bryan talk about Wrestling all day. Performers can sometimes detract from a match while on commentary, yet Bryan did nothing but add. The show then came to a screeching halt as it usually does when Alexa gets a microphone. Her & Nikki have had so many clunkers on the mic. Overall, an above average show with some really solid wrestling.

Alexander from Portland

Riddle talking about his feet was awkward, who booked that? Good wrestling on the show tonight. The Hardy segment greatly underwhelmed, Sheamus and his cyber-bullying felt so inauthentic. Oppositely, Bryan talking up Gulak felt so real. If neither Sheamus or Bryan could physically make the show for whatever reason, WWE should be applauded for finding ways to get them screen time.

Question: it seems like WWE is building towards The Fiend and Brawn Strowman for SummerSlam. If The Fiend is unable to win the WWE Championship by then, will you give up on his current run? It feels like Bray needs to regain the WWE Championship soon to give his character more credibility.

Josh from Vietnam

Overall, a solid episode of Smackdown. All the matches were ranging from decent to excellent. Styles and Bryan/Gulak should wrestle each other forever. Riddle gets a big spotlight on him in the beginning of the show, but I failed to see why would Miz & Morrison would agree to help Baron Corbin. Hope Styles vs Riddle is a match we are gonna see in the near future. Why are they insisting on promoting all these history look back at Wyatt vs Strowman as a big deal when they are just some promo package airing in the middle of a show? The Bliss/Cross and Sasha/Bayley segment and match is fine, but times like this is a perfect excuse for a unified women’s division or at least a double champ like what Becky did. I’m just tired of seeing those 4 every weeks with no change. The main event angle let me down a lot. Why is Sheamus not in the arena? Jeff Hardy beating a random person while Sheamus looking on from a satellite feed isn’t what I have in my when they hyped up A Toast For Jeff Hardy. 6/10 show

Phil from West Virginia

Besides the Boneyard, Funhouse, and GREATEST MATCH EVER OF ALL TIME, do you guys think that WWE will essentially treat the ‘performance center’ era like it never happened when it does come to a close? No highlights from it featured in any packages, no references to it by them or performers, etc…until the eventual documentary or 24 special or whatever? Thanks again for all you do for all to keep us sane through what all is going on in the world.

Jordan from Kitchener,

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to you guys, but here are my thoughts on Smackdown.

Sasha and Bayley are the MVPs of Smackdown. They have carried the Smackdown division as Becky did over on Raw last year.

Can I not hear Matt Riddle cut another promo for the rest of his main roster career, please? Too many bros in there.

I’ll listen to the show tonight but for me Bray Wyatt either has covid or is refusing to go especially with the announcement that they’ll replay the terrible MITB Bray/Braun match