FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 7/31/20

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

Promos at the start are great. Miz & Morrison stood out as well as Nikki Cross. Like a fungus, Baron Corbin has really grown on me. I like his manipulation of Shorty G, referring to him by his real name Chad. Naomi/Lacey was fun, Sonya’s attack was absolutely menacing & I even thought Shin/Cesaro cut a good promo. Good main event with a clean finish. Aftermath was cool & makes me want to see what happens next. maybe I’m crazy, but I’m going to go 8.5.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I thought Smackdown was good tonight, but I will start with the biggest criticism. I know sometimes crowds can be sweetened, but tonight sounded like a bad podcast that messed up its audio. There were points in the show where the crowd seemed extremely loud over top the announcers that I needed to turn down the TV. The Styles/Metalik match was the worst of the night with how bad it was. That being said, booking wise, it was very good. I love the old school style promos at the start, and it gave people more personality. Naomi for instance I feel has issues with her promos, but I thought she was great in her short clip. I also thought Cesaro was great celebrating with Nakamura and he is a much better talker than he’s given credit for. I also liked the slow start to Big E going up the card. I do hope it ends with him being Champion because Bray Wyatt has jumped the shark with me and he would be the perfect person to make the main champion. 6 out of 10 show, brought down by the horrible audio.

Erin from Brampton

I thought Smackdown was a pretty fun show tonight.

I’m quite excited to see the next chapter in this Mandy vs Sonya feud. Due to both being off TV for a while, their feud never got a chance to get stale, even though it’s been going on since Mania. I just hope they get a good conclusion at Summerslam. They truly bring out the best in each other, and deserve to end this feud on a high note.

The ending of the show was amazing. I’m happy Bayley got the clean win, and I’m left curious to see how the Fiend-Braun feud changes with Alexa now being included. Also, the Fiend deciding to attack Alexa was a great way to make him more monster like, as we don’t often see males attacking females on WWE television. Long story short, they gave me a good reason to tune in next week. I wish WWE would use these cliffhanger/shock type endings more often, because they work well, and keep fans hooked.

I just hope that wasn’t the beginning of the end for Nikki and Alexa’s friendship. I’m sick of this idea that every tag team needs to split via heel turn.

Now that Otis is back in TV, what is your prediction on how he cashes in the briefcase? I can’t see him cashing in on Braun, or the Fiend (if he wins at Summerslam). Do you think he gives it to Mandy Rose?

Hi all,

John you mentioned a Stephanie vs Sasha feud at Summerslam. Could you see Stephanie bringing in someone to wrestle Sasha? My thought was Rousey.


I can’t wait for Dark Alexa.

Surprised at the rating, because this episode was fantastic. I think one of the best WWE shows of the pandemic era.

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Yeah it was pretty good, I agree.

Not a bad show. Big E as a singles guy will be money. And Miz and Morrison are hilarious