FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/20/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Nick from Arizona

Short and simple feedback.

Not a bad episode overall but a wet fart of an ending. What the hell was that? But who am I kidding, that was so weird I can’t wait to see how they explain this one.

AJ from PA

Feedback on NXTs move to USA if you dont mind:

My immediate reaction to NXT airing on the USA network was negative mainly because, even if you take AEW out of the equation, a move to cable doesn’t really make sense. Right now, 100% of NXTs viewership has the WWE network. I would be curious to know the percentage of that audience watches on Wednesday nights.

Since it’s going to be up on the network the next morning, AEW has an immediate advantage as more must-see. NXT will have to work twice as hard to earn that viewership.

Wish you guys the best of luck covering the chaos that’s sure to ensue. Hopefully it means more wrestling fans which leads to more listeners for you and more money in your pockets. You guys deserve it.

Thanks for the time!

Jay from Colorado

Rating this episode a 7 for the Buddy Murphy Daniel Bryan match alone. Both those guys are two examples of what I love about wrestling. An up and coming babyface who can hang with the vetrans vs a veteran heel whose more than willing to put the new guy over. Wrestling needs more Buddy’s and Bryan’s. Both those guys get it.

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Brandon from Oshawa

Another solid show from WWE with a terrible ending. I wasnt expecting a huge reveal, but they tease you until the last second and give us that? I wish this were Lucha Underground, because at least that guy would probably be revealed as a future version of Eric Rowan, who’s time travelled back to this era for some reason.

Do you guys have any thoughts on the whole Spiderman/Marvel/Sony ordeal? Does it end up getting worked out? It would suck to lose Spiderman from the MCU now.


Chris Thunder from Down Under

A good edition of SmackDown tonight with another standout performance from Buddy Murphy, and we’re well on our way to King Elias! But that ending was random as hell, like what was that?

At least the NXT to USA move will only result in a 24-hour “WWE Network Black-Out”.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So the ending was dumb and very WCW-esque but there was another issue I had tonight. They’ve turned Sami Zayn into a manager. I remember when Sami was in NXT and people talked about how he was this great babyface and he could be this mega star in WWE. And now he’s a manager. He’s a manager for a man who doesn’t speak English and has a hard time communicating. So they basically said Sami is such a loser that he needs to not wrestle anymore, and his friend is someone whose English is so bad he needs someone to speak for him. I guess that’s what I read from that whole situation. He’s become Jim Cornette to Nakamura’s Yokozuna. 6 out of 10 show with the great Bryan/Murphy match but it’s sad what has happened with Sami Zayn.

Eric in Miami

Tonight a crowd got behind and chanted for Buddy Murphy against Daniel Bryan a character that has been featured on the main roster for a month. A testament to how great Bryan is as a hrel and shows a little you don’t have to stunt program and put the same stars on all the shows.

NXT Feedback the thing I have a problem with is not the competition part because I get that, WWE has decided that they promote the brand and come watch WWE the brand. While judging by Kenny Cody and The Bucks selling out Vegas, Chicago, Washington etc while New Japan was half empty in Dallas and have yet to sell out the thousand seats in Lowell. People want to see Kenny Cody and The Bucks, myself included 100 thousand people will pay 50 bucks to see these guys Next Saturday. This seems like a naive move for WWE to think well we’ll just block them, you’ve lost half your audience in the last 5 years there’s nothing you can do about this except improve your product

Paul from New Jersey

Super stoked Murphy got the win over such a big name. Enough cannot be said about Daniel Bryan. I even thought the Gable/Benjamin thing kind of worked. I love the Zayn/Nak pairing. I think they have a to ton of potential together. This all culminated with a shit ending. My bracket finals has Drew McIntyre defeating Chad Gable. That is all.

I was at the show tonight. Most of the hard cam side was tarped off. Definitely better than the last live tv event in Sioux Falls, which included Kevin Owens getting tipped over in a port-o-potty(John) by Braun Strowman. My friends and I really enjoyed the Andrade vs Apollo and especially the buddy vs. DB match. I’m very very curious to see how they translated on tv as I thought they were awesome matches. I don’t have much but I really enjoyed the the ten man on 205 live but a lot of people left before it started. By the end I thought the remaining crowd was pretty into it however. Pre show dark match was samoa joe defeating Ali. Joes entrance definitely got a bigger reaction but ali had the crowd by the end. Dark main event was a 6 man tag between Randy and the revival vs The new day. Nothing special. I left before it ended. Most over people included included Kofi, Randy, KO, Miz, and Murphy by the end of his match. Otis was also very over with crowd. Overall a much better show than the last few here in Sioux Falls

Adam from Australia

Honestly the show wasn’t amazing and I didn’t like that terrible reveal at the end, we all know it’s Bryan and Rowan and this wasn’t even a cliff-hanger, it is just kind of… funny? maybe? I don’t know what they’re aiming for really. Either way, Buddy vs Bryan was good enough I gave it an 8/10.