FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/25

Tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown is a free show for everyone as we discuss the Bray Wyatt & Terry Funk Tribute.

Join us at 10:05 p.m. ET

Saeed from Vancouver

A beautiful and moving tribute package to kick off the show. I was holding it together until they showed him with Jojo and his kids and I broke down. He was definitely one of a kind and loved taking risks for the name of entertainment. Think if I had to pick a favorite Bray moment that would have to be the “Miss teacher lady” promo. How he took the crowd from chanting “What” to them cheering for him and singing along.

He really did have the whole world in his hand.

Going back and listening to his return promo after extreme rules 2022, really does hit different now.

Amazing tribute as well from Cody for Terry Funk and another amazing tribute video by WWE.

Thank you for the special episode earlier. RIP Windham Rotunda and Terry Funk. Forever and always follow the Buzzards.

Mannie from Pacoima

I decided to skip tonight’s smackdown and will probably watch the tribute video if I ever feel like im ready to watch it.
Bray wyatt, if I could sing his praises I’d be here for hours and maybe even longer than that. As husky harris I was immediately drawn to him and wanted to see him succeed in wwe. Once bray wyatt was born I became a forever firefly. Through bray I found my voice, I found a confidence, I aspired to be like him and wished I could speak words as easy and poetically as he did. When mania was around the corner I was excited at the chance of being able to see him wrestle live, hoping for the chance of being able to meet him one day, hug him and tell him how thankful I was that he was sharing his art with us.
As I read the tweet from triple h I immediately broke down. Crying for someone I’ve never met but felt like he knew me, there was still so much he had left to teach his children, so much love he had left to give to his family and friends. A piece of him has been etched onto me forever. Thank you bray for saving me.
“If you need me, I ain’t hard to find. All you gotta do is go look up in the sky and follow the buzzards.”

Fly forever firefly, I’ll miss you deeply
Time is on…my…side

The crowd seemed oddly disengaged for Cody promo. Maybe it’s because they only know Funk as Chainsaw Charlie and don’t see the need for the big send off next to Bray or maybe it’s Cody’s promo style which seemed jovial and canned etc but it didn’t hit with the crowd.

Bray stuff was outstanding.

Keep in mind as well, funk hasn’t wrestled in WWE since the 90’s. good chance a lot of fans in attendance just didn’t know who he was.


And Terry made a quick cameo on Raw in 2006 building up to ECW One Night Stand, but that was only a short program.

I forgot about that….but even that is 17 years ago.

If the only loss this week had been Terry I honestly really doubt he gets a 10 bell salute. They probably would have only played the tribute video since they already put that together for social media. The 10 bell salute is usually reserved only for the unfortunate deaths of active roster members. There is an entire generation of viewers that’s barely even seen Funk.

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