FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 8/28/18

Leave your feedback and questions for tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown.

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown?

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Brandon from Oshawa

Can we almost expect something big from Jeff Hardy at Hell in a Cell? I’m really looking forward to that match. I’ve always felt they’ve had solid chemistry together, but I really hope he doesnt do something insane. Becky has been great the last 2 weeks. Really solid match between Almas & Bryan. I’d love to see them together on a bigger stage.

You guys werent really for my Kevin Owens to NXT dream yesterday, I have an even crazier one today. Kevin Owens just happens to “quit” the same week as All In. What if the WWE concocted some crazy plan with ROH over MSG and whatever else…I havent thought it out, its just a dream and its crazy I know, but do you think there is even a percentage chance it happens and is it something you guys would be interested in?

Andrew from Cape Breton

Becky Lynch at this point reminds me of Steve Austin. This bad ass, hard working woman who got screwed, and now she’s pissed off. I also like how the fans are essentially understanding friends. Sure, they’re friend may say negative things about them, but they understand their friend is going through a rough patch. One other comment. Is it just me, or is Toronto the easiest city to get cheap heat or a cheap pop out of? It’s almost too easy to get a reaction out of your fellow Torontonians, but hey, it makes for a great show.

Anthony from Philadelphia -

Outside of the literal beginning, middle, and end of tonight’s episode, which was the New Day segment, the Daniel Bryan stuff, and Becky’s run-in, I thought this was a very weak SmackDown that burned the crowd out by the end until Becky showed up. Almas/Bryan was really fun, and I didn’t even think the main event was bad at all, but the crowd was totally spent. I think they should have swapped where those segments happened and it would have helped the show a lot.

The other matches weren’t that good at all and I thought all the promos tonight were verbose and felt more unnatural than usual, which was the bulk of the show, so I was very underwhelmed tonight.

4 barbeque plates out of 10.

Jalen from Pickering,

Was there live again. Unfortunately SmackDown did not keep up their big Mo of being better than RAW. While the show breezed by mostly, there wasn’t much actual progression and probably dragged much more for home viewers. I was super excited when Almas came out to interrupt Bryan, but equally as deflated when I saw Carmella come out with 25 minutes left in the show. Her and Charlotte have never had good chemistry, and like the crowd, I just wanted Becky.

I know we’re only 2 weeks in, but I think it would be dumb for them not to pull a double turn with Becky and Charlotte. Let these women shine in the positions they’re better in, instead of going against the grain. It would also benefit the eventual Mania match of Charlotte vs Ronda if Charlotte was an established heel as opposed to a female Roman Reigns.

Posting from my seat during 205 Live. Bryan/Almas was great, crowd loved Becky. Not a lot of wrestling on the show. Bummed we didn’t get anything from Rusev, Nakamura or the Usos. The first 5 minutes of Kalisto and Buddy Murphy are as entertaining as anything on Smackdown tonight besides the Bryan match.

Taylor from Sydney,

Not as good as last week’s SD Live but not a bad show. New Day were fantastic with Booker - genuinely funny stuff from all 4 guys here. Hardy finally gets his HIAC match and you’ve got to expect after all this time thinking about that match that he has something incredible planned for it. Bryan V Almas is definitely something that WWE should come back to. To see Almas now, compared to 2 years ago on NXT is remarkable.

I’m ready for the Joe V AJ feud to get more physical and less about Wendy Styles now but Joe is really showing his skills as the top pure heel on either main roster show.

Despite her being miscast entirely, Becky is great as a heel. How do you think the WWE needs to book her to get the crowd’s booing her? Surely the solution is not her running in on a Charlotte and Mella feud that was destined to be shat on by the Toronto crowd.

6 Full Saxtons Out Of 10

Chris from Mississauga

Was at the show again. The opening segment was great but the triple threat match following it was kind of boring.

Daniel Bryan and Almas was solid for what it was and makes me look forward to a full match between the two in the future.

The crowd loved Becky Lynch, even from before the show started the crowd was cheering for her. I’m not sure if her attacking Charlotte from behind was meant to be a heel move but it definitely got the crowd even more behind her.

Stuck around for 205 Live, Buddy Murphy and Kalisto had a great match in the main event.

Samoa Joe and Orton Vs Styles and Jeff Hardy was the dark match, it was short but fast paced and entertaining.

Dany from Toronto

R-Truth & Tye had a fun opening dark match against Sanity. Nice to see Dillinger score a pinfall, feels like ages since the super hot Roode match at Takeover Toronto.

I was looking forward to seeing the Bar vs. the Goodbrothers, assumed that it was going to be a #1 contendership match (it was not explained to the audience at all, but New Day were on commentary so it seemed important), and then was very confused by the Colons’ entrance?! It really put a damper on the overall match, and their inclusion was especially confusing since a Colon did not
even get pinned IIRC. No offense to the Colons but they feel like they’re pretty low on the totem pole.

My question for you: is this the ceiling for Cesaro’s WWE career? Do you see him ever getting a strong singles push, or going back and having a great return to the indies? I really miss his awesome matches from that brief time he had a Cesaro Section and getting great reactions (full disclosure: I wore my Cesaro Section Tshirt today).

Nav From Brampton

I bought last minute tickets to Smackdown tonight and I’m glad I did. King Booker with the New Day was hilarious, and we got two really good matches with Almas/Bryan and Kalisto/Buddy Murphy on 205 Live. Outside of AJ and Bryan, Becky was the most over babyface on the show, as the crowd hated Charlotte (especially in the closing segment). I like that Jeff Hardy will finally get his wish of being in a Hell In A Cell match but I worry he’s going to take too many uneccessary risks. Joe and AJ progressed well, as Joe remains the best heel on WWE TV. Some people around us were upset that we didn’t get any Nakamura on the show, as he feels like the odd man out this month for Hell In A Cell. Quick question on Summerslam week being in Toronto next year - do you see the potential of other promotions/ groups doing shows during that weekend (i.e. ROH, Impact, Joey Janela, etc.). I was thinking of doing Mania next year but I might just stay local for Summerslam instead. Keep up the awesome work!

I was at the show tonight and thought it was overall better then Raw. The triple threat tag match was solid. Bryan vs. Almas was great until the Miz interfered. Charlotte vs. Carmella was ok and but the crowd wasn’t into it that much as they were waiting for Becky Lynch and when she attack Charlotte and called her a bitch she got the biggest pop of the night.

205 Live was solid and the 2/3 of the crowd that remained got into Murohy vs. Kalisto.

I really appreciate the improvements of Carmella in ring. She is slowly but surely getting less sloppy and more fluid. Has the code of silence been banned ? It was such a cool submission that she had !