FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 9/22

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  • WWE talent cuts include Matt Riddle
  • SmackDown leaving Fox
  • AEW Grand Slam viewers
  • Weekend preview

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Jesse from Cincinnati! I really enjoy the Asuka vs IYO SKY match but it seems they are adding “wheels” to that story for now with Charlotte Flair & Damage Control in the mix with Charlotte trying to steal another title but does that mean WWE is ready to do the KAIRI Sane WWE return tease now if WWE are thinking Asuka vs IYO SKY vs KAIRI Sane at WrestleMania 40 if KAIRI enters the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble? p.s. Randy Orton will be “better” without Matt Riddle in WWE IMO!

Mannie from Pacoima
Yes boy!!! The comeback begins. I’m feeling very #EltonStrong after watching that segment. To think poor Elton had to sit on the side lines, well no more!!!

I watched the cassandro biopic earlier today and it was an enjoyable watch. Cassandro I believe was one of the first openly gay exoticos and a trail blazer in lucha libre.

Charlie dempsey and axiom had an amazing match on nxt level up! I definitely recommend it. GUNTHER now has a new rival in charlie dempsey when it comes to loud chops. Santos escobar was a guest on Corey graves’ podcast and all I have to say is he’s definitely a future world champion.
With Ali unfortunately getting released, do you see this Monday’s North american title match being moved to No Mercy?

The Cena/Bloodline angle bookended the show as it left Cena in a bind…I bet LA Knight will enter this chat given his run-in with Heyman a few weeks back. I was dreading that Iyo v Asuka would have some kind of smoz but the interference wasn’t too distracting. I’m so relieved that they got 17 minutes to do their thing. Charlotte’s next up (jury’s out on which Charlotte we’re gonna get) and soon enough…Kairi Sane. I guess things are looking up for Iyo. It was match of the night.

How many grey hairs is Heyman gonna get? Keeping Jimmy and Solo in check is taking its toll

Does AJ getting sent to the gulag mean he gets the shot at Roman in Saudi?