FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 9/24/19

UPDATE: It appears we’re having issues with Patreon syncing on the forum. Unfortunately this occurred during recording and wasn’t noticed before we finished the show, so feedback in this thread won’t have a chance to be read on RASD. - Wai

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Andy in Columbus

WWE have actually gotten me pretty hot to see Bryan and Reigns against Rowan and Harper. It’s amazing how good Daniel Bryan really is, and how easily he can be reheated with the fans. The bulk of his past eighteen months has been a real head scratcher.

I think WWE programming is sneaky good lately. 7 out of 10 tonight.

Paul from New Jersey

Didn’t really care for the opening segment. The Gable short jokes are awful. Not creative at all. I thought Carmella looked terrific. but seeing Asuka run after the 24/7 title made me want to turn the show off. I doubt people in Australia give a crap about Maxim Australia. Last I heard, they have the internet. Might makes right is in the same league as survive and prevail. This show sucked.

Yeah, Asuka and Kairi running after the 24/7 belt redefined the concept of sadness for me.

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