FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 9/29

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Mannie from Pacoima
Just when I think my love for pretty deadly couldn’t grow anymore, they air that amazing vignette! #EltonStrong!!
I’m looking forward to Darius Lockhart’s new ASÉ (ah-shay) promotion.
Also today I discovered that kayden Carter was a member of Angel Garza’s la rebelion! Lucha!!

Lastly, the way I would introduce Jade is to have Cody come out and announce that there will be no trade to smackdown. Instead Cody used some of his pull to help smackdown sign the hottest free agent in WWE, and her name is Jade Cargill. If the plan was for Cody to be the trade in exchange for jey so he could finish the story they can always use his “power as a former evp” to trade him once mania season kicks off.
What do you think?

Jesse from Cincinnati Great Smackdown from Sac-Town the #GWEffect seems interesting with Bobby Lashley and Profits and leading to Theory to be the next main roster star to go to NXT to jump up ratings and do you think AEW going to have Edge in WrestleDream or even will it be one of those “TK teases gone wrong” to hype “TK’s Inoki dream” because WWE edgeheads are “worried” now! By the way what do you think of Great Muta/Keiji Muto’s “tease” of NOAH & WWE being partners and will Shinsuke win the World Title because of the WWE/ABEMA deal?

Does your period key not work or something?

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Corey Graves calling Jade a “game changer” was hilarious. I don’t know how that guy keeps a straight face sometimes.

Re: Bayley/Charlotte… Bayley has to be the babyface here, no? Charlotte gets to berate and insult her before the match, and pin her clean. Do they forget that Bayley is a generally beloved figure amongst fans? Of course Bayley is doing her best telling the fans to shut up and stop cheering, but people are only gonna play along so much when they see a great talent being made a fool of like this. People will want to cheer her.