FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Rampage 1/14/22

What did you think of SmackDown and/or Rampage?

So I was watching Shanky tonight, and he seems a lot better in ring then Omas and General Aziz. It’s odd that they teach all the big guys to sell strikes by holding their arms up in front of their face, all three guys do it. who do you guys think is the best current big man of the new crop?

Pat MaCaffe was especially annoying tonight, why was he trying to take away attention from the USO’s by standing on his chair while they cut there promo. I’m surprised he gets away with as much as he does knowing Vince hates non wrestlers drawing attention to themselves.

rampage infuriated me tonight. seeing Adam Cole take a pile driver on the apron and get back up a few seconds later was ridiculous. Moves like that and the Canadian destroyer through a table from Saturday should be used for injury angles not transitions within a match.

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Jermaine from Chicago. Good to see you back John. Watch smackdown tonight it was ok. Here is a questions for both of you. Does it bother you that wins and losses don’t matter in the wwe? How is it ok with Seth Rollins being the number one contender when he loss both of his last two programs? Is the wwe one of the worst promotions at building babyfaces? You have two heel vs heel programs at the royal rumble. I don’t understand the people who get on twitter and say the wwe is just great. Maybe I’m being trolled. Lastly decent rampage. But I loved the Ricky Starks jay lethal segment. It felt real. It was like a boxing promo. Ricky Starks reacted so real to Jay lethal disrespect. That was pro wrestling. What did you think of it wai and John? Have a great week

One of the cool things about a one-hour show is that it does not take much to make it really fun to watch. Rampage started and ended strong and that made it fly by, even if there was some unevenness in the middle.

As for Smackdown… All those Shield videos served as a reminder that Roman vs Seth should be a massive deal because of their history but is basically being relegated to the status of an interim feud with no real sense that it could go either way.

Nice of Seth and Ricochet to show us why they were both selected as winners(?) in the promo category of Post’s Worst of 2021.

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