FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Rampage 11/19/21

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Didn’t watch SD. Rampage was a one match show. That one match was good. 5/10 overall. Do not enjoy the descent of Rampage into Main Event style missable show. Just seems like they have given up on it the last month or so. 5/10, and I’m easily pleased when it comes to AEW. Just not a fan of one of two weekly shows being rendered totally skipable.

Justin in NYC

Don’t mean to be preachy, but … if you’re a fan of pro wrestling and pro wrestlers (or ethics in business for that matter), stop watching WWE. They are telling you it’s not wrestling both literally with the “sports-entertainment” tag, and by how disposable they treat their actual wrestling talent. Watching WWE doesn’t support your favourites either, since only a handful of them are insulated from unemployment anyway. The brass clearly don’t care about the product, so why should you?

ROH fell apart because the US can’t support another major wrestling company. If you want performers to have a promotion to call home where they can make a living: buy those AEW tickets if you’re in reasonable driving distance; actually watch Impact on Thursday on TV; subscribe to New Japan or Stardom World. These are the major companies that are employing the top talent, so instead of praying for a new billionaire to open their pockets to wrestling, support and bolster the existing majors right now. You have the time to support all of these other wrestling promotions if you quit supporting anything tied to Vince McMahon.

Rampage was great, as per usual. Kyle, if you’re listening, please take Roddy with you when you dip next month.