FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown & AEW Rampage 11/25

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The real MVPs of tonight were the crew in the front row facing the hard camera making “Owwie” faces for Dax’s chops on Dante in that opening match on Rampage. Some great react GIFs live that footage.

Although they seemed to get progressively obnoxious throughout the show, giving Claudio “Whats” and “Woo’ing” a lot.

Glad Becky is back and she’s “The Man,” and not “Big Time Becks” this time around.

Thoughts on Sami telling a lie while the convo with KO took place on TV. Because AEW tries so hard to explain these things away, it stuck out to me actually watching tonight oppose to just hearing your review. Does it stand out as week to week viewers to you or is it just suspend disbelief as usual.

Jermaine from Chicago. Hello guys, was only able to watch smackdown and here is some thoughts. It was decent watchable show. I’m really intrigued by the bray LA knight program. If knight gets assaulted each week how will he even be able to wrestle a match? And it leads to me to this about bray. All this smoke and mirrors broadway light show stuff but ultimately we have to watch a bray La knight match. Who is going to lead that match? They both stink in ring. Bray does all this stuff to sell matches but name one memorable solo bray match in ten yrs? Quick thing about raw really quick. Would raw be a better show if Gunther was the world champion and babyfaces chasing him? Enjoy war games tomorrow but what does the winner get? Good old momentum.