FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown & AEW Rampage 3/10

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Mannie from Pacoima
Huge congratulations to Rey Mysterio on his Hall of Fame induction.

Another good week of wrestling. The stand and deliver card is starting to shape up. Mlw will learn to trust in Raven, and Roh had another solid show. I’m regretting not buying tickets to the impact crossovers shown with new japan, the matches that have been announced look great.

Do you see sheamus and drew ending in a double count out or double dq? Who is the return the supposed qr code teased for 3/13?

The video doc was a great watch and this week’s drive to survive recap was a great listen.
Enjoy your weekend and remember, Jon jones isnt the only person who can pretend to be British.

A solid Smackdown with the high points going to the Jey Uso tell-all, Rey Mysterio’s HOF induction and his impending father/son showdown with Dom. It did throw me off thinking it would be Batista (which can still happen, he’s owed one). LDF as a babyface faction is a win because they couldn’t find their footing with Imperium and Bloodline being the top heel factions. The five-way dance was solid with the double pin and next week’s Mcintyre/Sheamus match will lead to a triple threat for the IC title (a helluva make good for skipping WM last year)

Does Rey’s HOF induction involve some kind of setup for Dom to get even more heat?

Nas from NYC

I didn’t even watch SmackDown today. I just came in here shower you all with praises for that Drive to Survive review. Wow. I’ve followed Formula One for over 25 years and I’m super into the engineering and strategic aspect of the sport. I’ve been to races. And I considered myself a bit of a super fan. But Jaycee puts me to shame and then some. She watched 25 hours of testing is what I think she said. Mind blown. Her knowledge of Motorsport in general is incredible. Such an engaging speaker as well. She needs a podcast.