FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / AEW Rampage 7/29/22

What did you think of Friday’s wrestling?

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Ok, so I relented… I hadn’t watched an episode of SmackDown since the first thunder dome set up during the pandemic and decided to cease and desist from then out.

The episode I watched today was pretty scatterbrained and there is so little cohesiveness in any of the storytelling or character motivations. I really don’t understand why Country-Time Grandpa Double-J is involved with the Usos vs. Street Profits… It’s such a weird and awkward dynamic.

I did love the Maximum Male Model but shots and crop tops… I may go back and watch some of the previous segments to get the joke. The awkward white lady narrator felt like a low-budget explainer video for a Print-on-Demand Service.

The New Day hasn’t moved a millimetre since I last saw them, though there were some good parts of the match with “New, Vicious and Unsalted Viking Bois!” They’re so mad! Grrrrr Wood shields!! Anyway, I was just rewatching a promo battle earlier this week, between Ziegler and the Miz from SmackDown in 2016 and it was so good. This show and likely RAW have a steep, steep hill to climb until it’s even back to that era of quality.

Rampage, this really seemed like a disposable episode, which is a shame after such a good Dynamite. We must be approaching Q3 because we got the baby face tricks Jericho with a Bugs Bunny-style argument into getting the match they wanted. Though Yuta sounded okay, these Warner Bros. Classics cartoon promos are a little tired now.

Something isn’t resonating with me about the Lethal, Dutt and Singh faction. They seem more like two fools and an ineffectual heater than they do a challenge for baby faces. The same with the Lee Moriarty, Hathaway, Sydel and Martin stuff that’s been happening over the last few weeks… It feels like airtime spent on stuff they could have used to better explain Anna Jay’s turn, or promo time for Wardlow instead of a mad boi Redbull run-in.

Trash Bois/Ass Bois thing was cute.

These shows would benefit from video packages and promos to help advance characters and stories. And less empty calorie segments.

Hey guys, I guess we know where Wardlow was! Nice to see him move towards an interesting program with Lethal and Singh down the line. It will certainly help everybody involve with a little more meaningful screen time.
Great to see Claudio and Yuta with their title belts on the show getting mic time. The exchange with Jericho was entertaining. I really like Yuta’s confidence! What an incredible couple of years for that man.
Good main event. Ruby Soho looked strong even in defeat, and Anna Jay is definitely going to benefit from the association with JAS.

Takeshita vs. Claudio for Battle of the Belts? LET’S GOOOOO!!!

Thanks for doing what you do, guys! Been listening to you in some shape or form for ten years now and it’s great to grow alongside you and the rest of the wrestling community!

McIntyre and Sheamus are incapable of a bad match together and this Donnybrook match was no exception.

On the flip side (Rampage). I am looking forward to Claudio and Takeshita at Battle of the Belts.

Side-note: It was pretty neat seeing Dikembe Mutombo on SmackDown

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I also made gluten and lactose-free brownies… They’re yummy.