FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown & AEW Rampage - Grand Slam 9/23

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Hopefully no one was seriously hurt in that opener on rampage. Between sting, darby and julia hart i just hope everyone is okay.

They really need to do something about the sound on rampage. The crowd is way too low and it kinda ruins big moments like muta being a surprise. Still cool to see though.

Killer main event on smackdown except the distraction finish. They sure love doing those.

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Triple H has brought back a number of talent that were originally cut for budget reasons. This was Nick Khan’s budget not Vince’s so do you think Triple H got the purse strings loosened to set a new tone or are more cuts coming? Maybe the cost of NXT UK covers it.

  • Rey Fenix vs Jack Perry was a blast and the post-match with Cage and Luchasaurus continued Jungle Boy’s journey to get his payback. It’s bad timing for Christian to get hurt but Luchasaurus is the next best thing until he heals up. Perry’s owed one when the time comes.

  • The dreaded hometown curse from the competition struck Eddie Kingston. I didn’t like the decision being reversed and it deflated Queens a little bit just to give Sammy Guevara his heat back.

  • Jey Uso is in the running for player hater of the year. Sami Zayn continues to be the fuel to keep this Bloodline train going and the facial acting in this honorary induction from everyone was top notch. Does anyone think with WarGames coming up in two months that the core five will stay intact or will Sami get the boot?

Somehow, four hours of wrestling tonight felt shorter than three hours of Raw this week. Both shows were very solid, the best either has been in ages. The Bloodline/ Sami story is the best thing that WWE has going by a mile and it was a smart decision to dedicate a quarter of the show to developing it. On the minus side, both Karrion Kross and Damage Control feel like they’ve cooled off a lot since they made their debuts, something that needs to be fixed. (I suspect Bayley vs Bianca will address the latter getting weak crowd reactions.)

After everything that’s happened in recent weeks, Sammy calling Eddie a “fat piece of shit” somehow came off as heart-warming. Awww… they got over their differences and can laugh about it and punch each other for fun now.

Hangman was the wrong choice to go against Mox and I say that as a huge fan of his. He’s in an incredibly precarious position right now (for what I think is no fault of his own) and because of “the controversies”, I think inviting the audience to treat him as a heel (or actually turning him heel) is going to be something that becomes very difficult to reverse. That’s amplified 100x if Punk is gone. In the absence of The Elite, fans are going to blame him for the loss of the top star for a long time. I’m still looking forward to the match but I firmly believe it’s a decision Tony’s going to regret.

Sal from California

You guys are both the MVPs for reviewing these shows so late every week.

I have a question for Wai. Who had the better meltdown: Punk at the All Out media scrum or Tino during the Bachelorette finale?

Is it possible that the one to beat Roman is Sami? It occurred to me that they could do a full babyface chasing Roman bit with Sami who is beloved and could be elevated into a Daniel Bryan spot as the person the fans absolutely love and adore if they can generate enough heat with him being banished from the Bloodline story.

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They absolutely could. Will they? I dont think so. I think this story is so much better than Cody just coming back, winning the Rumble and winning the title.

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I don’t think this happens. Isn’t it Rock vs Roman at WM?

I don’t think Cody is a big enough star for this. Someone who beats Roman has to be like Ultimate Warrior WM6 level.

Not sure that person is on the roster yet - maybe Breaker in a year ?

I would love to see Sami as well but I don’t think it’s him or Cody

Rey Fenix v Jungle Boy was my favourite rampage match.
I knew jungle boy would win this. I can just about accept him getting the roll up win over Fenix as AEW clearly think Jack appeals to the audience and want to try and build him up for his singles run. I hope Fenix eventually gets the big singles push too though. For me, he’s amazing should eventually be world champion.

i know we’ve been fanboying Sami Zayne’s work with the Bloodline and beyond… But, it’s so deserved, his facial work and absolute dejection when he felt he was being antagonized by Roman, well it was near heart-breaking. You could feel exactly what he was feeling, the potential rejection and fear were palpable. Jimmy and Solo’s full buy-in was great. Jimmy’s near-feral aggression turned into frustrated confusion was beautiful. And Roman, good-lord Roman, he’s giving a masterclass on Occam’s Razor in promos. His Mafia Don top-guy posture and expressions are some amazing work. The “why is he touching me?” face when Sami hugged him was a perfect amount of subtle tension into relief.

Everything about this storyline is pure money. And I would say as good as the long-running story between KO & Jericho.

AEW’s show was good, Jungle Boy vs. Fenix was too long. And seemed like a showcase of talent and prowess as opposed to something that had meaning for advancing either of them into anything meaningful. Cage was great, but a long sizzle with no fry isn’t what any of these talents need.

Jade looked good in her match, the F5 on the apron was delivered really well, I feel like she hurt her quad.

I hope Julia Hart is okay. That was a scary and terrible fall.


Am I the only one who got Undertaker vibes from Julia Hart’s entrance?