We are live at 10:05 p.m. ET tonight for Rewind-A-SmackDown with reviews of SmackDown in Denver feat. The Rock and IMPACT 1000.

Plus, your calls!


Robbie from London, Ont

Now did a watch a single second of Smackdown? No. I’m strictly here for the rare chance to talk Impact on Post, without it being a Rewind a Wai I picked lol now sure I love me some nostalgia, so this show was loaded. The Knockouts opener gave me lots of my college days favs, and especially I got to mark out one more time for Kongs music hitting. The mix tag was surprisingly fun, Team 3D was harmless in their reunion and in this house, my fiancé was thrilled to see Rohit and the Desi Hit Squad back! I loved that main event, but I’m also one of those sickos that loved Feast or Fired so I had fun with that!

Hope you guys enjoyed the show! Maybe even enough to review Impact 1000 part 2?? Lol

Jermaine from Chicago. Didn’t see impact but I hope trinity did good. What a star studded smackdown. The rock star power is on a whole different level. You can easily see the talent with him. Tonight as a dc fan I saw black Adam, peacemaker and then a aquaman 2 trailer. It was wonderful. I have an idea who you could add to lashley un-named group to fight the lwo with zelina Vega, jade would be perfect. It was cool to see LA knight go over clean but thinking about a match with him in roman…let’s just say it wouldn’t be a technical masterpiece. That main event match wasn’t close to main event quality. A overall entertainment. Smackdown with not that much wrestling. My question for you two who watch more wrestling then the avg men, is it a joke for will ospreay not to be top three on that pwi 500 list? To me your top three should be full time workers. Thanks

Sports! Speaking of sports last friday CMLL in partnership with the denver broncos held a special trios exhibition match with the competitors in football team colors such as mascara dorada wearing charger colors they were also all accompanied by the mascots as well. Cmll will also be havibg their 90th anniversary show tomorrow

Pro wrestling revolver will be holding an all women grandprix and they posted a great interview of marina shaffir from the BCC dojo. They will also be having another show later that day with the debuting kaito kiyomiya!
Mlw slaughter house airs october 14th with Jacob fatu vs Minoru suzuki announced for the card
Gcw will also be returning to LA that same day and I will be there to celebrate my birthday by watching joey janela take on the moonwalking Santana Jackson live in person

Dont know if it aired on smackdown, but Becky has now been added to No Mercy’s video promo!!
I can’t wait to see the return of those two tasty snacks as the dashing Elly begins his training
Yes boy!!!

Jesse from Cincinnati I was happy that Pat McAfee & The Rock help kick off WWE’s TKO era but with Dana Warrior being “out” of WWE what is the future of the Warrior Award in the WWEHOF and with the Rock tease a match with Roman at WrestleMania 40 what does that mean for Cody and possibly CM Punk if Punk returns to WWE and with IYO vs Asuka happening will WWE start the teases for KAIRI Sane’s WWE return?