FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown Live 2/13/18

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Vish from Victoria

Smackdown was better than RAW, however that’s not saying much.

Is it just me or does it seem like SD is becoming a 2nd chance venue to present ideas from the current weeks RAW. The riotttttttt squad, absolution debuts and this week it seems like 5 way matches are #1 on the SmackDown top 10 recycled ideas list. I guess cause this 5 way is going to be at the “PPV” it’s original.

Far fetched prediction - Ziggler wins at the PPV, gives up the title on SD, retires, and there’s a tourney @ WM for the title (Shinsuke gets a by to the finals… Daniel Bryan is a surprise entrant and wins!) … WM4 style… I guess it is hard not to recycle old Wrestling ideas!:stuck_out_tongue:


Jay from Colorado here.

I like comedy bits as much as the next guy, but tonight we had five grown men fight over pancakes. Pancakes. There’s gotta be a better way.

Boy TV’s sure dont smash the way they used to. Its almost like a unintentional running gag over the last few years any time some one breaks a LED tv and it just awkwardly falls apart with no explosion just layers of paneling falling out.

Awful Smackdown ronoght, and the next Smackdown PPV is shaping up to be a miserable affair. Funny I’m looking forward to what comes after the two main roster shows way more these days. Mixed Match Challenge, 205 Live, and NXT are really what brings me back.

Speaking of 205 Live, another solid show. I’m digging Monster Gulack. They need to give him Brauns gimmick, but have him do things on a smaller scale. Could you imagine the pop if Gulack flipped over a golf cart, raised his arms, and screamed “Dreeeew!”?

Chase from New Orleans

Smackdown was dreadful this week. Every title scene is a multiple person mess right now aside from the tag division with its most uninteresting feud in months. Ziggler and Corbin in the main event along with the increasingly stale Sami/Kevin duo? No thanks. The show is really just a write-off for me until Fastlane at this point. I’m hopeful that maybe once the WM build starts, the show might see more focus on singles feuds as opposed to the constant convoluted promo segments.

On a much more positive note, 205 Live was great again this week. It has quickly become the thing I most look forward to on Tuesdays. Both matches started a bit slow but really ramped up well and I thought both were really good for different reasons. I was surprised to see Andrews win, but I am happy to see it. Gulak’s character transformation was handled well and it makes me more interested in him going forward. Also very happy to see Buddy Murphy finally getting a spotlight. He’s been off NXT TV so long I was worried he would never be back. He is very talented and deserves a shot.

Now that we know the whole tournament field, who do you guys think will make the finals? What would make the best matchup? Who would be your pick to win?

Bruce from Vancouver,

I didn’t watch Smackdown itself tonight but made time for 205 Live, something I definitely wouldn’t have said a couple of months ago, which I guess speaks volumes. I can’t overstate how much having these tournament matches run without commercial interruption adds to their impact. The exact opposite of the problem you were talking about with rest holds on Raw yesterday, John. Even if the competitors are still somewhat working within the WWE match template, they’re able to build coherent and logical matches which get their determination and characters across. It’s almost like the glory days of the CWC are back. When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and I’m glad that the show is -finally- capitalizing on its potential.

(Also, points to Spud/Maverick for the sartorial Hans Gruber nod to Gallagher.)

Anthony from Philly -

SmackDown’s historically been called “The B show”, but as of late, it’s not even the “B show” on Tuesday nights, as Mixed Match Challenge and 205 Live have quickly overtaken it as better shows.

Beyond whatever happens with the Authority—Shane, Bryan, and whoever’s interacting with them—there’s just no sense of story or direction for anything on this brand (and even THAT feels like it’s not sure where it’s going anymore.)

No building anyone up as future main eventers

No real builds towards winning titles sans winning a random match (like tonight, TWICE, no less)

No sense that any of these people have actual, logical conflicts involving their personalities beyond “we’re scheduled to wrestle tonight”

No sense that there’s anything that matters from episode to episode on an “episodic” show. The Riott Squad has been facing some combo of Charlotte, Becky, and Naomi since their debut 3 months ago, and Graves said something tonight to the tone of “it seems like this feud is just getting started.”

No, Corey. No

You’re either involved with the GMs, have your time of the month to be involved with the champions, or you’re flotsam.