FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown Live 2/27/18

Rewind-A-SmackDown returns Tuesday night and we are looking for your brief thoughts, feedback, and any questions on SmackDown Live, 205 Live, and the Mixed Match Challenge.


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Brandon from Oshawa

John Cena should have lost to AJ. If you are going to do an angle like this, with Cena “not having a path” to wrestlemania, then go all in with it.

Have the balls to actually have him go on a losing streak for once. He should have lost this, challenged Nakamura, lost that and got so low, that he did something out of the norm, to get a match with The Undertaker.

This 6 pack challenge just smells like a way for Cena to lose, but not actually take a pin fall in doing so.

Lara from Vancouver

Only want to comment on the TJP vs Cedric match. A lengthy match based almost entirely around TJP doing serious damage to Cedric’s knee, and the finish is the Lumbar Check? A move that literally calls for Cedric to drop his opponent back first as hard as he can on his knees? What made it worse is that Cedric didn’t sell his knee for even a second after hitting it, not even as little as a simple struggle to cover TJP. It invalidated everything that came before the finish. If you’re going to have a body part focused match it should matter in the finish…

Chase from New Orleans

SD is at least consistent. Bad again this week. The Cena/AJ match wasn’t close to as good as any of the others they’ve had, but part of that could be attributed to commercial breaks. Why can they never present a main event, especially one this big, without commercials? I’d even accept loading up on them early to get fewer later in the show. Cena winning does nothing for me, as it only adds to the mess that is the SD main event scene right now. As for positives, I enjoyed the New Day/Usos promo and it worked to get me interested in another match between them. Most of the rest of the show was completely forgettable.

205 Live was good again this week. I thought the TJP/Cedric match wasn’t nearly as good as some of the other tournament matches we’ve seen, but it was still decent. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. The main event between Kalisto and Roddy was awesome and completely carried the show this week. One of the best matches I’ve ever seen on 205 Live, maybe the best. They had great chemistry and Roddy benefited a lot from having someone smaller than him to throw around. I’m happy to see Roddy win and I’ve found myself hoping he wins the title, as he’s had the two best tournament matches and has shown he can have great matches with a variety of opponents. He’s the most reliable choice as champion if the focus is going to be on having great matches consistently.

Adam From San Diego

Its Pretty sad when i can say that tonights smackdown was the best i have seen in a few weeks. Not thrilled with most of the directions for Fastlane but it is a lame duck Pay Per View. I thought the Usos/New Day promo was very good and they finally gave Big E some kind of shine instead of making him look like a guy that only seems to enjoy weird gyrations and pancakes. Cena and Aj had a solid match, nowhere near their past meetings but still good nonetheless… I do not understand why they feel the need to waste all the main eventers on Smackdown in one match other than to tease dissension between the two authority figures which tonight featured one of them deciding they were ready to go home after 20 minutes of work…

205 Live was an excellent episode tonight, with the two matches in my opinion being standouts of the tournament so far with Roderick and Kalisto being quite possibly the best match of the tournament thus far. I know the joke on TJP is his promos are goofy but there are few in the world who are as technically sound as him and Cedric was solidly booked here as well… I would assume he is the favorite to at least reach the finals with how he is being portrayed since this tournament began.

Vish from Victoria

I liked it. Promos were good. Matches were good. I liked the exchange between Usos/New day. It made me not mind seeing another match between them. They always end up being creative and making the match different too. I like the 1st WM for Usos spin. Gives it some purpose. I think Cena should have lost if he isn’t winning the title at fastlane. If he just loses at fastlane to become more desperate in his attempt to call out taker then they could have just done that with him losing tonight.

7 unnecessary spritzes out of 10.

Also interesting Twitch cast with Omega and Kota… answered some questions…basically ruled out any WWE move for fear of losing creative control…also talked about life after wrestling as a teacher… hopefully they do more… had 1.5k viewers at the time… not bad at all for twitch!

Anthony from Los Angeles
I don’t pay to go to WWE shows anymore because there are so many great indie promotions in my area (I recently had the pleasure of seeing kikutaro, the great muta and penta el 0-m on the same card), so I didn’t go to this local show live. I just want to say that during the Miz and Asuka promo for the Mixed Match Challenge, they delivered their tagline “Awe-Suka!!!” and the dudes in charge of putting stupid text all over the screen just typed in “Asuka.” Get it together production crew. On the other hand, they aired a much funnier promo, sans text, for these two during the actual MMC broadcast and it actually fed into the narrative of their match.

Ryan from Calgary
I am a cord cutter, so I can only really talk about 205 Live. Just a few weeks into the change in direction at 205 Live it is already a more compelling show. It moves fairly quickly, with good in ring and simple motivations. I think there is room to grow, but establishing itself is a bigger priority right now.
I’ve noticed that the mats around the ring are thicker, and seem to provide a softer landing than in the past. I am totally in favour of anything that lets them do stuff that looks more dangerous than it is. Do you think that there is value to the WWE in investing in technology that makes for safer surfaces to wrestle on? Would the WWE be more likely to let guys do some of the riskier stuff if they were landing on a softer ring, or more padded ringside area?
Finally, do you think that Lucha Underground has created a space where they could get away with something like wire-work style stunts? Is that the kind of thing that separates them or just makes them look silly?

Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.

Why does Dolph Ziggler still have that annoying record scratch at the beginning of his entrance music? Is he just stuck with that forever?

Question: What do you guys make of Rusev’s tweet after Smackdown: “So Jonny boy can come out of nowhere and get a match vs AJ for a spot at #Fastlane but i can’t even get a match on #SDLive
Land of opportunity my”

I would like to think this was part of a story line, but there are already 6 people in the Fast Lane match and I doubt they’ll make it 7. It’ looks like Rusev is going into business for himself.

Zekey from Toronto

The Usos have been the Jewels of Smackdown. We can all relate to they’re motive to preform at WrestleMania. Can’t believe they’ve been relegated to the pre-show for 9 years. And that’s where too, one of those matches was the Levi’s Stadium match where Jay was injured. Its good to see the Bludgeon Brothers are done raging on Rick Viktor and will step into the title picture soon. The tag division has been rich this year I’d hope to see a 3-Way title match at mania. Then maybe Authors of Pain can challenge at the next big wrestling show, Backlash. (i think)

8 out of 10