FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown Live 5/1/18

Leave your feedback here for tonight’s edition of SmackDown Live and 205 Live.


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Brandon from Oshawa

This was a decent show. Smackdown continues to be solid, with a good direction, while Raw flounders. I do think tonight shows the power of a hot crowd though. While the crowd was good for both shows, I thought they made Raw a more enjoyable show last night, I don’t think they added anything to tonight’s show.

Why do you guys think Raw usually gets the hotter crowds? It doesn’t seem to matter what the city is or who is on the show, I’ve always felt Raw crowds are hotter. Maybe it’s just me though.

Ari from Montreal (live from the bell centre)

Although ive been to a ppv, raw and numerous house shows, this was the first time i went to a smackdown. That being said this was the best crowd ive ever been a part of. The crowd made this show. The “on veux marise” chants starting off before the show even started was amazing. This is what makes montreal unique. It was funny to hear a mixed reaction for Orton…ppl behind me didnt seem to like him at all. The biggest pop was for rusev…until lana came in and the crowd went wild. Mike kiota chants were funny and TNA chants were awsome…seeyin joe an styles was special
Womens match was awsome and 205 live was berable…crowd loved Tozawa.
The dark match was nakamura vs bryan and the crowd loved every second of it. Bryan adressed thr crowd and chants of oui oui oui ended the night
Overall an amazing night

Martin from Montreal

I was at the show tonight and I really enjoy the show overall.

First they started with a dark match between rusev day and the uso’s. Standard match but what surprise me was how over rusev day is.

As for the show itself, the crowd was pretty hot for most of the show. There were some people that left before the main event and like always a lot of people including me left before 205 live

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Lara from Vancouver

205 Live time… in case you opt out of watching.

Itami/Tozawa vs Kendrick/Gallagher had moments, especially when Tozawa and Gallagher were in there, but ultimately it had too much of a standard WWE tag match pattern and far too many rest holds. On top of that, they are rushing an Itami/Tozawa breakup at the exact moment they are trying to establish a tag division. 205 Live in a nutshell

Buddy looked good squashing a jobber but the ref stoppage finish was awkward and Cedric’s post match chase of Buddy even more so. Cedric is a great worker but has no persona.

Drew Gulak/Kalisto saved the show. Brilliant and creative submissions and reversals from Gulak, and great high flying from Kalisto. Spot of the night was Gulak turning Kalisto’s corkscrew plancha into a backbreaker. I took some issue with Kalisto underselling the damage Gulak dealt but the crowd got really into Kalisto’s high spots and in the end Kalisto did succumb. Great stuff.

Drew Gulak is honestly too good for 205. He’s a great worker and talker, he could easily be a threat to Rollins for the IC or Hardy for the US belt. Alas as long as he’s on 205, 205 has my viewership.

On a final note I want to thank you both for your honest and direct coverage of everything related to WWE and Saudi Arabia. You guys said everything that needed to be said and you ought to be commended for it.


Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Firstly massive respect to the Montreal crowds from Monday & Tuesday, made both nights so much easier to watch than normal.

Only concern being that by the fourth week of Nakamura low-blowing Styles it feels stale. Hopefully this Sunday’s match delivers in ring, or at very least AJ remembers to buy a sports cup.

With the roster being so deep, should WWE continue to use local talent in squash matches or use contracted talent at the “MainEvent TV” level like Epico or Mike Kenellis?

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Matt from Morristown, TN

Decent show tonight but mostly cause of the crowd. Without them this show and last night’s show would have been a chore. I just want to get past Backlash so we can get some fresh match ups. Can’t wait to see what they do with Sanity and Almas/Vegas. I hope AJ retains cause I want to see AJ/Joe for the belt. Also thoughts and prayers goes to AJ’s dick, that thing sure has taken a beating recently

Also I live a county over from where Kane is running for mayor and they are reporting that he won

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