FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown & MMC 10/2/18

Post your feedback and questions following tonight’s editions of SmackDown & the Mixed Match Challenge.

Will you be watching Super Show-Down this Saturday?


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Brandon from Oshawa

It’s really small, but one of my pet peeves in the WWE, is when people refer to each other by their last names. I mainly notice it between the commentators. Graves, Saxton, Phillips, Cole…Renee has gotten away without being called Young so far. It happened last night when Roman Reigns referred to his brother as “Ambrose”. Tonight took the cake though, because of all the people on the roster, whose “first names” you could use, Paige decided to call Samoa Joe, simply “Samoa”. I dont know about you guys, but I have never, nor have I ever heard anyone in my circle of friends, family, coworkers, call each other by their last names. I dont really notice it in NXT, so it feels like a main roster directive and I feel it really points out the scripted nature of these promos. Its almost like they feel as if the audience wont know who is being talked about, if they dont use their last name.

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Garrett and Dylan from the mook

Just finished watching smackdown live from the 5th row at the Moda Center in Portland!

Hot crowd but def not a lot of people…300 section and part of the 200 completely tarred off.

Watching mixed match challenge now.

Most heat was prob AJ saying he’s not there when we all knew he did a autograph signing earlier in town!

Biggest pop by FAR was anything Becky did or said!!

Good show 8 outta 10 live…extra point cuz my son Dylan got a new day pancake. He was pumped!!


Brandon frm NJ

My dearest Québécois

Since Jordan Breen was off today I decided to write again. I was so inspired by my last email that…maybe I should…try…ahgen. It was a solid show I mean with the way joe got fired I thought he would be Mr X at King of Pro Wresting. Alas it was another fake firing. That being said I love this build up its been fun I mean joe has to win early Saturday morning right? Right?

Other stuff I’ll be quick

-Was Aiden English rubbing on the hulkster with the gawker inspired hidden camera gimmick with Lana

-so not interested in this Bryan/Miz feud he has yet to give the miz his comeuppance what was the point of resigning.

-why did Paige call Joe by Samoa like as if he was a Girl Scout cookie?

-What are your thoughts on Aj Styles look with his tru religion jeans, is he more Chris Gains or Billy Ray Cyrus

-with Punishment signing with the WWE will we finally have the rematch between the two undertakers

I’m out of here peace

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Chris From Melbourne, Australia.

Another good show from SmackDown. Still amazing to see how far Buddy, Billy & Pattenhave come from wrestlinf in a Chinese restaurant in front of families having dinner to Australia’s biggest stadium.

I know both Iiconic & Buddy are suppose to be heels, and I know WWE loves to beat superstars in their hometown (/ home country). Honestly only see the Aussie’s getting enormous applause especially if Buddy wins the Criserweight Championship.


  • Where would you place the Cruiserweight Championship match on the card? Given how likely a championship change is I would place it towards the last 4 matches on the card.

Walter from Texas

Why did AJ imply that the match against Joe was gonna be “Buried Alive” in his living room promo only for wwe to completely bury it. Confused why he would use the term if they weren’t doing the match.

Besides AJ/Joe, Becky/Charlotte, Bryan/Miz and New Day/Bar are there no other Smackdown matches for SSD. They spent an awful lot of time hyping up what happened on Raw last night instead of putting Nakamura, or Hardy, or anyone else for that matter on the show?

Finally I get the Miz being cocky and over the top, but every time he is on commentary he sounds like he’s on the verge of having a stroke, screaming over everyone that’s around.

Didn’t feel like a go-home show for a massive international show in 4 days

Keep up the excellent work

Andrew from Cape Breton

One thing I’ve hated about WWE for years is sometimes they would overthink how they shot segments. Today we finally had an exception to the rule, with the Aiden English reveal where Lana came in while Aiden was recording himself practicing promos on his phone. I thought it was a great change of pace, especially after the last time Lana was involved with something like this, it was when Enzo Amore went to her hotel room and it was a huge production. All in all, Smackdown was great tonight and I give it an 8 out of 10. Most everything was good, and it’s hard to make funny quips and critiques on a show that was very strong.

Eric in Miami

Last night I was scrolling twitter and saw someone make the point on how Ronda should’ve been handled like Goldberg, but WWE isn’t about creating superstars they want the brand bigger than everyone. last night John you made a point about Ronda and Goldberg and this morning when I listened to Observer Radio Meltzer made that same point. Point of this is with Bryan losing to Shelton tonight and making him just a guy on the roster do you think WWE is smart with everyone being the same. I understand you don’t want that dark run of 2004/2005 where they took hail marys making Cena and Batista (Sorry Brandon) superstars, but next week that 3rd hour of Raw might do less than 2 million viewers maybe it’s time they made someone feel special. Thanks as always

Jay from Colorado

Just want to point out that in less than a month the Smackdown writers got Carmella over with the crowd. How long has the Roman Reigns experiment been going in Raw now?